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The federal government supports all parents with a one-time child bonus

26.02.2021 – 15:21

Interest group for maintenance and family law - ISUV

One would have wished for a higher “parent bonus”, because the financial and psychological burdens on parents, especially separated parents, are extremely high due to the corona pandemic. It's about coordinating childcare, homeschooling, less income due to short-time work or even unemployment and at the same time higher costs.

Today the Bundestag passed the Social Protection Package III. This includes a child bonus of EUR 150 per child. The Association for Maintenance and Family Law (ISUV) welcomes this and points out that the child bonus is treated like child benefit in terms of maintenance law. Separate parents are entitled to half of this bonus. The child bonus should be paid out in May. The ISUV chairman, attorney Klaus Zimmer, makes it clear: “In the case of separated parents, one parent with whom the child is registered receives the child bonus paid out with the child benefit. The parent who is liable for cash maintenance can then deduct half of the child bonus payment from their maintenance. ”However, this is only possible if the person liable for maintenance pays the minimum maintenance or if half of the child is cared for.

Tip for dependents and dependents

However, those liable for maintenance should note: If the maintenance is stipulated in a judgment, the parent with whom the child lives should be asked to waive a one-off payment of EUR 75 per child. ISUV advises to inform the other parent now that the child support will be reduced once per child by EUR 75 if the child bonus is paid out.

“We advise against insisting on non-reduced continued maintenance payments, or having them seized immediately and pressing the other person to take legal action. The costs for amendment and enforcement are higher than the bonus, ”emphasizes ISUV press spokesman Josef Linsler.


Various statements that wanted to exclude dependents from the child bonus caused irritation in the run-up to the event. For example, the statement by the trade union federation states: “We see a need for action again, beyond tax law, to ensure that the child bonus should be targeted as precisely as possible where the children live if they do not live with both parents in the same household. The person liable for cash maintenance should therefore only be able to deduct part of the child bonus from the maintenance owed if he participates almost half in looking after the child. ”The fact is that many parents continue to look after what is happening in the Corona even after the separation Pandemic has proven itself. “It is surprising when trade unions demand full maintenance and almost half the support from a separated parent. How do you imagine that in practice, is that fair? ”Linsler criticizes.


Like the child bonus, the tax relief amount of EUR 4008, which is unilaterally awarded to “single parents”, should also be divided between the separated parents. “Today, care is often and even more shared between separated parents during the Corona crisis. This is a necessity due to homeschooling and home office. In principle, however, maintenance and support must also be recognized and respected as equivalent in tax law, ”demands Linsler. The association advises separated parents that those who benefit from the tax relief should take advantage of them. “The tax advantage is then shared without any ifs or buts. This is how split parenthood usually works, ”emphasizes Linsler.

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