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University of Washington

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University of Washington
mottoLux sit (Eng. "Let there be light")
foundingNovember 4, 1861
placeSeattle, Washington (United States)
presidentMichael K. Young
students40.216 (Fall 2006/07 trimester)[1]
University sportsHuskies
Reading room of the Suzzallo Library, built 1926
University campus
University campus

The University of Washington (University of Washington) was founded in 1861. It is named after its location in Washington State. Also known as Washington or UW, in the local environment too "The U" or. "U-Dub", is the largest university in the Pacific Northwest and one of the oldest higher education institutions on the US West Coast. It is one of the best state universities in the country, the so-called Public Ivy Universities. The university consists of three parts: the largest 2.8 km² campus in Seattle, and two other higher learning institutions in Tacoma and Bothell. The university is a member of the Association of American Universities, an association of leading research-intensive North American universities that has existed since 1900.


The city of Seattle in the US state of Washington was one of the first settlements to emerge in the newly established Washington Territory between the mid and late 19th century. In 1854 Territorial Governor Isaac Stevens recommended the establishment of a university in Washington. Some prominent Seattle residents, led by Methodist minister Daniel Bagley, saw this idea as an opportunity to increase Seattle's prestige. They were able to convince Arthur A. Denny, co-founder and member of the government of the Washington Territory, of this idea. A law was created that provided for two universities, one in Seattle and one in Lewis County. Shortly thereafter, however, this was changed to the effect that a university should only be established in Lewis County, provided that land would be donated locally.

However, when no property was found, Denny suggested in 1858 that the university be relocated to Seattle. In 1861 the search for a suitable piece of land (40,000 m²) began to serve as a campus for the university. Denny donated a piece of land along with fellow pioneers Edward Lander and Charlie Terry Denny's Knoll, an area that now forms downtown Seattle. The area was between today's 4th and 6th Avenues, which border the area to the west and east, and between Union and Seneca Streets to the north and south.

The university officially opened its doors on November 4, 1861. In the beginning the university struggled with some problems and had to close three times: in 1863 for lack of students, in 1867 and 1876 for lack of funds. By the time Washington joined the Union in 1889, however, Seattle and the university had grown significantly. At the beginning around 30 students were enrolled, now there are over 300. The growing number of students required a new campus. A committee was therefore set up to find a place for a new campus under the direction of Edmond Meany - himself a graduate of the university. The committee chose a site in Union Bay, northeast of the city center.

In 1895 the university was relocated to the new location. The newly constructed building was Denny Hall called. In 1899 the predecessor of today's building on the campus became Burke Museum set up. The attempt to sell the old campus failed. The area of ​​the old campus still belongs to the university and is called the Metropolitan Tract. Located in the heart of the city, it is one of Seattle's most valuable real estate areas and brings in several million dollars in revenue each year.


The University of Washington sports teams are the Huskies. The university is a member of the Pacific-12 Conference.

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