What are some alternative endings to the Titanic

Many German 1, grammar and spelling workbook

Grammar / Das Wort 17 Compare the different dragons from Ü6. Use: • at least 5 different adjectives, • three times the multi-level and • three times the master level. Write the sentences in your exercise book and underline the endings for the multi-level and master level. Example: The green dragon looks more dangerous than the blue dragon with the three heads. ... 9 Put in the given adjective in the master level. Pay attention to the ending. 10 After its completion in 1912, the Titanic was considered the (modern) passenger ship of its time. She was not only the (large) steamer, but also the technically (advanced) passenger ship. On her maiden voyage from England to America, the Titanic collided with an iceberg. To this day, the sinking of the Titanic is one of the (serious) shipping accidents in peacetime. From: Kinderwissen 2013. Bertelsmann Calendar. Wissenmedia, Gütersloh / Munich 2012 (edited). a) Put in the adjective in the given comparative form and pay attention to the ending. b) Then underline all adjectives in the basic level red, in the multi-level blue and in the master level green. 11 T) pp Attention! Some comparison forms are formed irregularly. More on this in the language book on p. 61. Example: like - prefer - prefer The smallest (small) cat species in the world, the rust cat, measures just 35 to 48 centimeters. One would (gladly) take her in his arms and cuddle her. But unfortunately the rust cat is not a domestic animal breed, but a (wild) cat that lives in India and Sri Lanka. The (African) black-footed cat wants to dispute her record as a (small) cat. With a size of 36 to 63 centimeters, this is only insignificantly (large) than the (Asian) rust cat. From: Billa sticker book of animal records. Edited by Comma Merchandise GmbH, Munich, Billa AG (edited). For testing purposes only - property of the publisher öbv

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