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7 Tips on How to Use Thrive Themes to Get More Customers


If you want to successfully win customers online, tools are an important tool. Today I'm going to tell you one of my tool success secrets: Thrive Themes! Thrive Themes is a collection of plugins for WordPress that has it all.

In this article, I'll show you 7 ways you can get more customers using the various Thrive Themes plugins. At the end I will briefly discuss the various pricing options. Ready? Let's go!

1. Thrive Architect: Build brilliant landing pages

With the Thrive Architect (which was long called Thrive Content Builder) you can do two things at the same time, which is why it is my favorite tool from the Thrive Themes family:

1a) You can use it to build landing pages.

I use Thrive Architect all the time to build landing pages for all sorts of purposes: sales pages, pages for collecting email addresses, waiting list pages and much more.

The nice thing is that the Thrive Architect not only has an incredible number of templates to choose from, but that these templates also look very modern and are therefore really fun to work with the tool. Here you can see a tiny excerpt of the currently available templates:

And before you ask: With OptimizePress you can perhaps compare Thrive Architect in terms of basic functionality. But OptimizePress is more of a Trabbi for me, whereas the Thrive Content Builder is a Porsche. ;-)

And yes, I still use LeadPages and I think it's worth using both tools. LeadPages is great because you can use it to carry out A / B tests quickly and easily and because landing pages on LeadPages can be duplicated very quickly. You can also see the statistics at a glance in LeadPages - all functions that the Thrive Architect (previously?) Did not have or that are still too complicated with the Thrive Architect.

You can find out more about landing pages in my most popular article of all time: Instructions: Creating landing pages - The complete guide (with tools!)

1b) You can use it to edit your page and post content.

Here the Thrive Architect acts as a visual editor. This makes it a great alternative to tools like the Visual Composer.

You have to think of it this way: Your theme determines what your WordPress website looks like (colors, structure and so on). On each page and in each post there is therefore only one specific area that you can edit. This is the area that you fill in by filling in the text field under "Create page" or "Create post".

But now you can also edit a WordPress page or a WordPress post with Thrive Architect.

The whole thing looks like this, for example:


This gives you significantly more options when designing your pages and posts, because you can incorporate the elements into your post or page that Thrive Architect makes available to you. For example countdowns, tables, icons, buttons and so on.

I used this functionality for a long time in the Smart Business Academy, where the pages with the individual training courses were designed with Thrive Architect. But the basic theme of my member site remains.

So again: With the Thrive Architect you can a) build complete landing pages as well as b) edit your pages and posts.

2. NEW: Thrive Optimize: Test your landing pages easy peasy

Brand new for February 2018 is Thrive Optimize! With this new plugin from the Thrive Themes family you can test your landing pages created with Thrive Architect (and only these!). So you can create several variants of the same landing page and find out which variant performs better, which one generates more newsletter registrations or more sales, for example. If you connect your landing page to your email system via API, Thrive Optimize will even show you the conversions in the backend! What Thrive Optimize can do, what it looks like and how you create an A / B test step by step, I'll show you in the video here:

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Thrive Optimize is still available at an introductory price of $ 97 through February 14th, after which the price will increase. At the end of the article I have a saving tip for you :-)

3. Thrive Leads: Present lead magnets dynamically

After Thrive Architect, Thrive Leads has become my second favorite plugin from the Thrive Themes family!

With Thrive Leads you can integrate a wide variety of registration forms for your email list (newsletter) anywhere on your website. This makes Thrive Leads an alternative to tools like OptinMonster, for example.

I switched most of my website to Thrive Leads in November 2016. That means: Most of the registration forms for my weekly marketing tips that you see on my website are designed with Thrive Leads.

I don't want to go into too much detail here about exactly how Thrive Leads works. But basically, you can create different lead groups. For example, it looks like this for me:

You can create different registration forms within each lead group:

The lead group determines where exactly these registration forms should be displayed. For example, you can select entire categories, tags or just individual blog posts.

What I love about Thrive Leads are the statistics. Yeah, I love statistics. If you've been reading along here for a long time, you probably already know that. :-)

Statistics help to optimize what is already available. And that is usually much easier than constantly developing something new.

Not only can I see how well my various lead magnets convert, that is, how many visitors sign up for it.

In the so-called "Content Marketing Report" I can even see which of my blog articles is responsible for the most registrations, for example:

And on this screenshot you can also see where the visitors who signed up for me came from. This is the so-called "Conversion Report":

This information is really worth its weight in gold!

I could probably do an entire course on Thrive Leads (no, I won't, but I could!). That's why I stop there. :-)

If you want to build your email list (and you should if you want to be successful in attracting customers online), then Thrive Leads is definitely a tool you can't get around.

Here are my 10 best strategies for building your email list.

4. Thrive Ultimatum: Set real deadlines for customers

Imagine you want to set up a sales funnel. Your potential customer should therefore receive a series of e-mails after they are entered on your e-mail list, which provide them with valuable knowledge - but which also encourage them to buy a product from you.

To make the decision for your product a little easier for your potential customer, you want to offer them a lower price for a short time. Let's just say 97 euros instead of 197 euros. But the special price should only be valid for 48 hours, not longer.

So how do you manage to ensure that the special price is really only available to your customers for 48 hours and not beyond that? With Thrive Ultimatum!

Because with Thrive Ultimatum, one of the newest offshoots of the Thrive Themes family, you can create so-called campaigns:

A) On the one hand, campaigns with a fixed start and end date are possible. That means, for example, the campaign starts on Monday, January 2nd and ends on Friday, January 6th.

b) On the other hand, you can also create evergreen campaigns. The start and end dates are dynamic, depending on when your potential customer visits your landing page.

So if Ernst visits your offer page on Monday at 6 p.m. and the offer should be valid for 48 hours, the offer for Ernst would expire on Wednesday at 6 p.m. If Maria visits the offer page on Wednesday at 6 p.m., the offer would be valid for her until Friday at 6 p.m. All right? ;-)

Especially if you're working with incentives like special prizes or bonus materials that are only valid for a specific length of time, Thrive Ultimatum is definitely a tool to consider.

5. Thrive Ovation: Collect and present customer testimonials

Thrive Ovation is also one of the newer plugins from Thrive Themes. At first I hadn't noticed what an ingenious tool had been created for us here. I now use Thrive Ovation myself.

What can Thrive Ovation do? With Thrive Ovation you can collect customer testimonials right on your website. And of course you can present them on your website. Below is an example from my “Work with me” page:

Here, customer testimonials, which I manually inserted into Thrive Ovation, are presented dynamically. So I just set which customer testimonials should be displayed at the bottom of my website and what the whole thing should look like (colors and so on). And Thrive Ovation inserts the customer voices in the appropriate place.

As I said: You can also use Thrive Ovation to create a website where your customers can enter their customer voice and send it to you. Then you look at the customer's voice, approve it and, if you want, it will immediately appear on one of your websites.

A small point of criticism is that very detailed customer voices don't look so nice. I have a feeling that Thrive Ovation has been more suited to shorter customer voices so far. But the tool is sure to be optimized.

6. Thrive Headline Optimizer: Find perfect headlines

The Thrive Headline Optimizer is the next tool from the Thrive Themes family that I would like to introduce to you.

With the Thrive Headline Optimizer you can find the perfect headline for your blog article. Of course, the Thrive Headline Optimizer won't come up with any headlines for you, that's still your job. ;-)

But you can add multiple headings to your blog articles with the help of the Thrive Headline Optimizer. The tool then tests which headline goes down best with your readers.

This measures how long the reader stays on your blog article, whether and how often he clicks and scrolls.

For example, I found out that the heading "Set goals: In 5 steps to a successful business" works better than the heading "Set goals: In 5 steps to a motivating goal".

You spend a lot of time creating great content for your dream customers. So you should also optimize your content so that as many of your desired customers as possible get to see it. The Thrive Headline Optimizer will help you.

7. Thrives Themes: Build a conversion-optimized website

Thrive Themes is a collection of conversion-optimized themes for WordPress. I don't work with it, but I think it's great. If you want to create or have a WordPress website created and are still looking for a good theme, be sure to check out the themes from Thrive Themes.

By the way, if you don't know what conversion-optimized means: A conversion is an action, for example registering for your newsletter or purchasing your product. And Thrive Themes' themes are designed to get your website visitor to perform such an action.

That should actually be the purpose of every website. ;-)

8. Thrive Clever Widgets: Present chic widgets

While doing research for this article, I first noticed the Thrive widgets, so I haven't used them yet.

But I will probably do that in the future!

First, what are widgets anyway?

Widgets are small boxes in your WordPress sidebar that you can display next to your blog articles as well as on your pages. Typical widgets are social media buttons or an author box in which you briefly introduce yourself:

However, widgets are also conceivable with which you announce your next online course or your next seminar. Or with which you can collect registrations for your next webinar or your new challenge.

However, you should note the following: If you cover different topics on your blog, of course not every product or offer is always relevant for every reader, right?

With Thrive Clever Widgets you can decide which of your widgets are shown to which website visitors.

So you can only display the widget that is promoting your next self-confidence seminar in Mallorca alongside blog articles from the "Self-confidence" category. The widget would only be visible if someone reads an article from the self-confidence category, otherwise not.

Incidentally, one speaks here of a “target group-oriented approach”.

The Thrive Clever Widgets are worthwhile for you if you want to advertise different offers at the same time that are relevant to different customers of yours.

Those were the 7 tips on how to get more customers with Thrive themes. Now I come back briefly to the payment options:

9. Thrive Quiz Builder

I haven't used the Thrive Quiz Builder before, but what it can do is bombshell: You can create quizzes with the Thrive Quiz Builder. There are two variants:

  1. The first variant optimizes your quiz for list building, i.e. the participant only sees his quiz results when he or she signs up on your e-mail list. Here your quiz acts like a freebie.
  2. In the second variant, the quiz is optimized for shares in the social networks.

This plugin comes up with a large number of options, such as the weighting of answers, many evaluation options, A / B testing and much more.

Thrive Themes Payment Options: Which Package Is Right For You?

You can buy the tools from the Thrive Themes family individually. Thrive Clever Widgets currently (as of the end of January 2017) costs you 39 dollars one-time if you only want to install it on a single WordPress website. If you want to use it on up to five WordPress websites, you currently pay a one-time fee of $ 47.

Savings tip: It gets interesting when you want to buy several tools from Thrive Themes at the same time. Then it is worth doing the math. Because with the Thrive Themes membership you currently pay a one-time fee of 228 dollars and can then use ALL tools from Thrive Themes. For me it is worth it, which is why I became a member.

Important: One-time always means "for a year". You can continue to use the tool after a year, but then you will no longer receive any updates or support. If you want updates and support after one year, you have to pay the price for one year again.

I hope you enjoyed this post and showed you how you can use Thrive Themes' suite of tools to get more customers. :-)

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