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Smartphone side effect Cell phone thumbs - the new disease of civilization

On the train, in the waiting room, on the couch: people are constantly typing and swiping on their smartphones. That has consequences, say doctors from Leipzig University Hospital. You have identified the "mobile phone thumb" as the new "orthopedic disease of civilization", by the way, in English-speaking countries it is also called "WhatsApp Disease".

It is noticeable when it pulls in the thumb, in the wrist and even along the inside of the arm up to the elbow: These are signs that you have clearly exaggerated with typing and swiping on the smartphone.

The doctors at the Leipzig University Clinic are more and more likely to have young patients with these symptoms. The diagnosis is then often clear, you have a "cell phone thumb", explains occupational therapist and physiotherapist Norina Weisenbilder, a kind of tendonitis in the long flexor of the thumb that runs along the forearm.

If our thumb muscles always make the same movements towards the palm of the hand via the mobile phone display, the stretching and splaying of our most important finger is neglected. If it comes to inflammation, the main thing to do is: put your cell phone away! However, it is not enough to keep your hand still, according to Weisenbilder.

We try to relax and stabilize the muscles a bit with a kinesio tape and then to release trigger points - these are very stubborn muscle tension - and of course to loosen the connective tissue and fasciae and thus provide a little relief.

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Where cell phone users compete with hairdressers

The "cell phone thumb" is a typical disease among young people, explains the occupational therapist and physiotherapist. In the past, patients with the same symptoms were more likely in their mid-60s and had worked their entire lives, according to the Leipzig University Hospital. This is different today: patients between the ages of 20 and 30 have acute complaints that doctors otherwise know from everyday work, for example with hairdressers.

The thumb test and the Merkel diamond

You should go to the doctor at the latest when the thumb can only be moved with pain. But you can find out earlier whether a tendinitis is on the way with the so-called Finkelstein stretch test. Physiotherapist Weisenbilder explains the self-test for the right thumb: "Put your thumb in your fist, close your fist, and move your wrist to the right. This then pulls on the base of the thumb or on the wrist and the ball of the hand. Then you should do a little something. "

But what exactly can you do? Eisenbilder advises using the cell phone with both thumbs and spreading your fingers in between, ie stretching them, and doing the "Merkel diamond". The Federal Institute for Occupational Safety and Health recommends using the cell phone with both hands to relieve the strain on the thumb. In 2016, the authority recorded and evaluated scientific studies from 2007 to 2015 that deal with the health consequences of the use of cell phones and tablets. In addition to the "cell phone thumb", complaints were also found in the neck, head, upper arm, forearm, shoulder, wrist and eyes.