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The celebrated role-playing game from Bethesda is five years old. The Skyrim - Special Edition should build on the great success of the original version.

Even the most monotonous path has something magical about it thanks to the revised lighting moods.

If you love role-playing games and don't know The Elder Scrolls 5 - Skyrim yet, you should ask yourself what stone you have lived under over the past few years. Skyrim is one of the most entertaining role-playing games ever, which only The Witcher 3 - Wild Hunt has overtaken. In our original test: "Skyrim - Graphic Weaknesses and German Translation, Facts and Opinion" from 2011 you can find out what you have missed or brush up on your knowledge. According to the manufacturer, the fifth part of the Elder Scrolls series has sold over 20 million times and won numerous awards.

In the years that followed, Bethesda released three paid expansions, all of which are included in the Skyrim Special Edition. They allow the player to own a house and family (Hearthfire), ride a dragon (Dragonborn) or become a powerful vampire or werewolf (Dawnguard). Since a few days you can plunge into the polished adventure on Playstation 4, Xbox One and PC.

Don't change anything that works

Fortunately, the developers from America have taken this motto to heart. In terms of content, the revised version of Skyrim is identical to the original game. Your journey through Skyrim begins as a prisoner on a cart: not the best starting point. During the trip, a fellow sufferer reports on the current political situation in Himmelsrand. The local storm coats rebel against the empire. Until you arrive at the execution block, you can do the first differences to the original version discover. The characters still look crude, but the textures are less washed out and the view into the distance is particularly remarkable.

Shortly before your death by the hatchet you are graciously allowed to specify your name and what you look like. You can choose from different races of elves and humans, orcs, Argonians and Khajiit. You can see the graphical progress especially with the fur of the feline Khajiit, but also the scales of the lizard-like Argonians. Thanks to the incident of a dragon attack, you get away with your life and flee into the nearby river forest. All Skyrim veterans know the beginning of the game.

The basic game mechanics also remain the same. You go into battle with all kinds of weapons such as sword, crossbow, ax or shield and use magic to damage your opponents or to strengthen you. Depending on your preference, you can specialize in certain skills or master a bit of everything. Depending on the situation, you have to manage your three resources endurance, magicka and health differently. In addition to martial skills, you can also learn crafts or engage in less law-abiding activities such as pickpocketing.

On Hoch Hrothgar, the greybeards teach you the art of Thu'um, the cry of the dragon.

Fortunately, Bethesda has not made anything worse at the heart of Skyrim, the countless tasks and missions. However, this also means that some characters still need a kick in the ass in order to fulfill their task in the mission.

In the main story you learn that you are a so-called dragon blood, keyword: dragon screams. Of course, you can follow your fate and protect Skyrim from the threat of the winged lizards, but the game doesn't force you to do so. You can also spend days, weeks or longer with the numerous side missions without getting bored. Even wandering aimlessly feels good in the open world.

Graphic leap into the now

So far it has only been about the good, but not really new, aspects of the Skyrim Special Edition. What makes the revised variant better than the template? Two points are on the rather short list: Mod compatibility for consoles and a new engine.

The latter provides the basic framework for a game, components include graphics and physics systems. For Fallout 4, Bethesda improved their in-house Creation Engine and that's exactly what the revised Skyrim now runs with.

The denser vegetation and richer colors take some of the gray barreness of the cold surroundings of the sky. The intensified light irradiation is also chic, which usually gives your surroundings a livelier and more inviting atmosphere. Very rarely do you come to places where the glaring rays of the sun seem out of place and uncomfortable. The new ones are a treat for the eyes, especially for console gamers shadowthat finally come across as less pixelated.

The adaptable Depth of field should activate when you fixate on a nearby object for a few seconds. That doesn't always work. If you feel disturbed by this, you can reduce its intensity in the menu or switch it off completely.

Fortunately, Bethesda has also made improvements to the physics in the game, and those nature is now finally following its own laws. Rivers and streams no longer flow straight through obstacles and snow is finally falling on roofs and no longer through them. The animations in the game are still as jerky as ever, and no improved engine can help. What, however, does benefit from it loading timethat are noticeably shorter.

PC gamers at an advantage, not just because it's free

With games that appear for multiple platforms, the question often arises as to which version is the best. In the comparison with the Skyrim - Special Edition, the computer wins hugely. Not just yours import old saved games if you own the base game and all the expansions, you can even get the revised version for free. For bargain hunters there is the possibility to get a bargain. By buying the Legendary Edition of Skyrim (base game with all expansions), which is usually only 20 euros, you get the new Special Edition for a fraction of the price.

Modifications on the PC let you do all sorts of nonsense.

The PC version also has by far the largest mod library that you can use to your heart's content. Not all modifications have been adapted to the new 64-bit environment yet, but that is only a matter of time. Once you've done that, you can go back to the PC with Thomas the Locomotive instead of a kite. Mods such as Enderal, which was completed a few months ago, are also reserved for the computer. The change to the more powerful engine enables even more extensive modifications, as the game can use more memory. Weaker PCs are actually better served with the original versionLogically, more power places higher demands on the device.

Mods and Sony are not friends

Bethesda's official directory for Skyrim mods currently has 438 for PC, 491 for Xbox One and a comparatively measly 267 for Playstation 4. These numbers are likely to increase in the future, but PS4 owners shouldn't have too much hope. At first, Sony was completely against modifications, the gamers expressed their disappointment and the company rowed back a little. You still only have a single gigabyte of storage space available on the Playstation for adjustments, in contrast to five gigabytes on Microsoft's Xbox One. You can hardly use it anyway due to the few permitted mods.

Because of Sony's strict rules, dragons cannot become a train or a pony on the PS4.

Sony prohibits everything that uses external textures, models, sound tracks and so on. From large mission packs like the one available for the Xbox One Falskaar, PS4 owners can only dream. Humorous changes such as replacing all spiders in the game with Spider-Mans are not possible on PlayStation. What remains are mods that improve the quality of life, for example richer dealers or increased payload. The only hope that remains is that Sony may change its attitude after all.

But even if not: The Skyrim Special Edition is worthwhile for newcomers in any case. However, you can only decide for yourself personally whether you want to play the adventure a second time.

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