Is Parkinson's disease curable by homeopathy?

It was important to rediscover the beauty of life over time

In addition to the drug treatment and the operation, I received a lot of help from the non-drug area: one, physiotherapy, foot reflexology. I took homeopathic remedies and did a lot more for myself. Dancing and Feldenkrais, for example, was very good for me and I was able to loosen my muscles a little.

For several years I helped lead a gymnastics group for people. I had a lot of fun and gave me a lot. Unfortunately, the group diverged and my complaints got worse, so I had to give up this activity.

For several years I have been a member of a self-help group especially for younger people. I benefit very much from this exchange and it gives me stability and self-confidence.

I think it's very important to have a neurologist who is empathetic and competent. I also think it's important to join a self-help group, which, however, is consistent in not accepting any money from the pharmaceutical industry.

Over time, I found it important not to always ask myself why me? ‘, But to rediscover the beauty of life on a small scale, to look for a task and to constantly adapt my activities to my possibilities. And also a recovery cannot be completely ruled out, who knows what science will find out in the future.