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Radio, magazines, TV, internet: the media accompany us everywhere and there is information everywhere. But how are they to be classified? What is reality and what is fiction? We try to give you an overview.

Status: 08/29/2011 | archive

We live in one of several media heavily influenced world. TV series, internet, computer games, movies, DVDs, advertising, posters (the list could go on forever) want to be noticed by you. It is not easy to keep track of things and to classify the information correctly.

It is important to distinguish between reality and fiction.

What do reality and fiction actually mean?

Reality means reality, i.e. the actual situation. The way something is "in real". Reality is reported on a news program.

Fiction is always something made up, freely invented, that arises from someone's imagination. Fantasy films are an example of fictional stories.

However, fiction can also be presented very realistically (lifelike, realistic) in films, for example. Something then looks like it is real. Backdrops, make-up, camera angles and stunts help to create an artificial reality in which everyday problems such as B. pimples, obesity, lack of money etc. do not occur. The reality, i.e. everyday life, is often not that exciting. In a fictional story, however, all the more exciting things happen.

When reality and fiction get mixed up

It is deliberate and completely ok if you cry while watching a movie because a scene is so romantic or you disappear into the dream world described while reading a great book. If the film is over and you have put the book down, you will quickly get back to everyday life and can tackle the real problems, for example your homework.

It only becomes problematic when you no longer differentiate between reality and fiction. Fiction always exaggerates one-sidedly in order to make the story more exciting. Because of this, many things appear more extreme than in reality. A gangster movie is teeming with villains and in some PC games it seems completely ok. to pick up a gun. In reality, the vast majority of people are peaceful people who are in no way a threat to you.

In many series, the main characters are real heroes who look great and have no problems at all. And you have a pimple on your forehead again and there was no time to study for the math ex.

If you forget that movies, PC games and so on are a fiction, it can be depressing and sometimes have dire consequences.

This is how you keep track of the media jungle

For all media, whether film, newspaper, PC game, poster, etc., the first thing that counts is that they should be perceived, seen and read. In addition, the media still have a second goal. Which one can be different. In some you should be informed. Others aim to get you to buy a specific product. In still others you should be convinced of a certain opinion or simply entertained. Quite often, however, it's about making money. The mean thing about it is that you can't always immediately see the interest behind the media. Seemingly legitimate news can actually be hidden advertising. So how can you find out what is actually intended? It's simple: Always ask yourself who is interested in what.