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Which MMORPGs are fun on their own? The 6 best solo MMOs

Online role-playing games are actually designed to be played with as many players as possible. But now more and more players want to achieve success in online worlds alone and not necessarily join a group or guild. Find out here which MMORPGs you have the most fun in as a soloist.

Even the most extroverted team player sometimes just doesn't feel like meeting other people in online role-playing games. And some gamers just like the feel of online games, even though they are very reluctant to play with other players.

Fortunately for such people there is content in many MMORPGs that promises gaming fun even without annoying fellow players. Here you will get to know six MMOs that are particularly suitable for solo players.

Update: We updated this article on January 11, 2021 and adjusted descriptions, links and platforms for next-gen.

6th place - Secret World Legends - Mystery, Cthulhu and Zombies!

Release: July 3, 2012 | Platforms: PC | Payment model: Free2Play | Website:Secret World Legends website

What is the Secret World?Funcom's The Secret World is one of the most unusual online role-playing games. The game was never planned from the start as a classic fantasy MMORPG á la World of Warcraft and presented itself more as a mystery and horror drama. Therefore there were no races, no classes and no typical fantasy story.

Rather, in The Secret World you are an agent of a secret organization like the Templars or the Illuminati. On behalf of the earth goddess Gaia you fight in a shadow war hidden by normal humanity against ghosts, demons, dark cults and the undead, who otherwise do their jokes unhindered with the world.

The Secret World - a lot of story and atmosphere

This is the highlight: The Secret World is all about exciting and scary stories. Anyone who likes to click away texts and skip cut-scenes in order to complete the next quest as quickly as possible is completely wrong here.

Rather, she pursues complex, multi-part stories that are atmospherically told in long, set-to-music dialogues and are always closely interwoven with the setting and the underlying plot.

In addition, many stories from TSW are reminiscent of classic mystery and horror literature á la Lovecraft or the X-Files.

Often times, these quests end with complex puzzles that would be more likely to appear in a Dan Brown novel than in an MMO. If you are already overwhelmed by the simple slide puzzles and puzzle games of other games, you shouldn't get very far with The Secret World and even puzzle professionals often turn to the Internet guide at some point.

The game even has its own integrated web browser, which you can use to google for clues in the game! All of this creates an incomparable atmosphere that even many solo games cannot achieve and that is completely unique in MMOs.

The Secret World - With shotgun, sword and assault rifle

This is how The Secret World plays: The Secret World gameplay is also different from many popular MMOs. It starts with the fact that you don't choose a race or class. You are just human, what else? What exactly you then ultimately depends on the equipment you have chosen.

The combat system is dynamic, but unfortunately it is a bit cumbersome to play. In addition, many opponents are quite difficult to crack at the beginning of the game and then you have to call other players for help as a solo player.

The Secret World Legends - Remake as "Shared World RPG"

This is what the remake is all about: In order to revise the gameplay of the Secret World, among other things, the game started as a remake under the name “Secret World Legends”. The old The Secret World is still accessible, it just won't get any more content.

Play test: Here you can read whether Secret World Legends took its second chance.

Secret World Legends is - unlike The Secret World - a Free2Play game, while the regular TSW was Buy2Play. In addition, the not very exciting combat and character system has been fundamentally revised. The bottom line is that The Secret World Legends has become fresher and more accessible.

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Conclusion: Whether as a classic version or as the soon to be released remake: The Secret World is ideal for fans of horror, mystery and solo gameplay in an MMO! Unfortunately, no new content has appeared for a long time. But you can still have fun for weeks - even on your own.