Is schizophrenia really a spiritual warfare?

Enforcement of measures: children, freedom, health, human dignity - all gone: the Samanta case

Part 4 (A)

Vienna (OTS) -

This report * by the VICTIMS MISSION association about Samanta is divided into six sections (quotations are marked):

1 Introduction
2. Samanta's children tell their mother about sexual abuse outside the home
3. Arrest, expert opinion, judgment
4. Prohibition of practicing lawyers
5. Samanta in the implementation of measures
6. Ask for help

1 Introduction:

Samanta was born in Poland and is a loving mother of two children. She worked as a qualified nurse in Vienna for seven years and received Austrian citizenship. One day the children tell her that they have suffered sexual violence outside the home. Samanta seeks help from the Vienna Child and Youth Ombudsman. The youth welfare office then takes the children away from her. She is accused of violence, she is sentenced to "measure" according to Section 21/1 of the Criminal Code.

Samanta's mother dies out of grief over what is done to her daughter at the end of September 2018.

The text of the law: § 21 StGB. Placement in an institution for mentally abnormal law breakers of the StGB - Criminal Code. If someone commits an act that is threatened with a prison sentence exceeding one year, and he can only not be punished because he has committed it under the influence of a condition that precludes the sane (§ 11), which is based on a mental or emotional deviation of If, according to his person, his condition and the nature of the act, it is to be feared that he will otherwise be punished under the influence of his mental or emotional abnormality, the court has to assign him to an institution for mentally abnormal lawbreakers threatened action with serious consequences ( or

Quotation from "Staatsgewalt" (4) by Katharina Rueprecht and Bernd-Christian Funk (page 30): "The difference between this briefing and the 'measure' in the sense of the penal code lies in the duration Admission to an institution for mentally abnormal lawbreakers for many years to life. "

While child molesters receive mild sentences or rather an acquittal from Austrian courts (1), Samanta is literally wiped out. "In dubio pro reo" (2) obviously applies to child rapists, but not to a mother who has suffered the worst: Her young children were stolen by the youth welfare office. The child removal initiates the cover-up of child abuse, the placement of the only witness in the forensic gulag completes this.

The Nazis used to bring children out of Poland for the purpose of Aryanization. Today children are brought on site. The historian Ines Hopfer-Pfister says: "Above all, I can speak for Poland, where the children were abducted and Germanized on a large scale ... On the basis of the files of the Nuremberg follow-up trials, in which the kidnapping of children was a charge, as well as contemporary documents that I found in German and Polish archives, one can assume about 20,000 children. "(10)

2. Samanta's children tell their mother about sexual abuse outside the home:

Samanta's underage children, 8 year old Vera ** and 6 year old Erik **, love their mom more than anything, and Samanta loves her children more than anything. Your bright apartment is spacious, clean, an oasis of well-being.

As soon as Samanta reports the sexual abuse of children, the youth welfare office takes action against her: It arranges her forcibly admission to psychiatry. Samanta is declared schizophrenic and a danger to her children. A friend says about this: "I read the finding that she was sane. There was no reason to steal her children. This finding must be found in the clinic." "Why are the victims locked up and not the perpetrators?" relatives of sexually abused children ask themselves. Were Samanta's children interviewed? Are they being looked after therapeutically? Are they protected?

The youth welfare office obtains an order that Samanta is no longer allowed to stay in the area of ​​her children's school.

3. Arrest, expert opinion, judgment:

Judge Mag.a S. Höpler-Salat, Schöffin M.-C. Sowinetz and Schöffin A. Trojan from the Regional Court for Criminal Matters Vienna passed the judgment on August 2nd, 2017 ***. It is stated on pages 2 and 3 about Samanta: "[NN] tried ... (§ 15 StGB) under the influence of a condition that precludes sanity (§ 11 StGB), which is based on a mental and emotional abnormality of a higher degree is based, namely a persistent paranoid schizophrenia I. / Police officers ... with violence to prevent an official act, namely their removal and ... arrest ... II./ ... tried to kick the police officers. " and on page 8: "Furthermore, the person concerned ... showed no insight into the crime or illness and only spoke of having been depressed because the children were taken away from her two years ago".

"(Attempted) resistance against state authority" and "(attempted) serious bodily harm" would have been "attributable" to Samanta, if she would have been "sane", writes the judge (page 3, page 10). The judge also writes that the police officers were not injured (page 10).

If a police officer is minimally injured during an arrest, such as a small scratch, the law allows him "serious bodily harm" (3), explains Dr. Alexander Krasser, Samantas' attorney at the time. He confirms: "The only person who was injured is Samanta". This was also diagnosed ***. Dr. Krasser continues: "Even 'making yourself rigid' fulfills the fact of 'resistance to state power'". And: "It is completely unrealistic when a normal housewife who does neither judo nor any other martial arts is supposed to have been beaten down by four WEGA inspectors." The police made fun of themselves when Samanta was arrested, when she moved her hands tied behind her back: "Well. This is now resistance to state violence" ...

The judge also writes about Samanta (page 6): "She consistently shows a delusional conviction that her children are being harmed and harmed ..." (according to Dr. Dantendorfer's report, page 19).

The tried and tested cover-up strategy is easy to recognize: the children are not believed, the mother is not believed, nothing is named, nothing is examined. The only witness is locked away and forcibly treated with psychotropic drugs. Samanta says she did not kick the police or commit any other "serious acts of violence" she was accused of.

The judge based her judgment on the expert report of the Univ. Doz. Karl Dantendorfer from March 10, 2017. This provides the danger prognosis (page 4) that "... the accused is to be assigned to a group of perpetrators that shows a high risk of renewed acts of violence".

Judges and experts do not waste any time on inconsistencies, contradictions and incorrect statements in reports and rulings. It remains open, for example, how it could be that an intelligent woman worked as a qualified nurse in a large hospital for seven years, raised her children, but suddenly in an insane state should have committed crimes with serious consequences.

Dr. Krasser asks the question why the school and youth welfare office, who put their gruesome accusations on record with the police, did not join the criminal proceedings. Why don't "injured parties" sue for their rights?

The following also raises questions. On page 16 of the report you can read: "Ms. [N.N.] does not suffer from any neurological disease that would meet the requirements of Section 11 of the Criminal Code." (11) On page 17 it can be read: "From a medical expert's point of view, it can be assumed that the requirements of Section 11 of the Criminal Code are met at all incident times that are the subject of the proceedings."

Rueprecht and Funk write in their study "State violence. The dark side of the rule of law" (4) on page 38: "The prognoses derived from the investigations - 'The paranoid schizophrenia most likely present is ... a high level of danger. The crime prognosis is therefore ... particularly unfavorable and it is to be feared that Mr. (...) would commit (further) judicial criminal acts with serious consequences. ' - have roughly the same value as reading coffee or opening a card. "

"There are cases like that of Gustl Mollath or blatant misjudgments like that of the teacher Horst Arnold, which sow doubts about the system of forensic reports: Arnold sat for years in jail for rape, only to be acquitted later for proven innocence. The expert had the innocent attests that criminal offenses are to be expected from him in the future as well. Arnold is now dead, his existence has been destroyed, but his appraiser is still allowed to decide on the fate of others. (12)

Gerhard Strate describes in his study "The Mollath Case. On the Failure of Justice and Psychiatry" (5) the "disastrous alliance" between court and forensic psychiatry. Gustl Mollath has the same diagnoses as Samanta: schizophrenia and madness.

"'Schizophrenia' is a strategic label like 'Jew' was in Nazi Germany ... (6)" In his book Schizophrenia - The Sacred Symbol of Psychiatry, psychiatry professor Thomas S. Szasz, MD "In short, there is no such thing as schizophrenia" (Syracuse University Press, 1988, p. 191). "(6) (2nd link, 2nd paragraph)

4. Prohibition to practice as a lawyer:

Dr. Alexander Krasser, a human rights attorney, was banned from working as of August 13, 2018 (7). August 13, 2018 is also the day on which Samanta had the annual court hearing. The professional ban was announced for September 1, 2018, but was brought forward to August 13, 2018 at short notice in a night and fog action, so that Samanta was unrepresented in court.

Dr. Krasser represented a large number of parents whose children were unjustifiably taken into state custody.

A mail block will be placed on Dr. Gross imposed, without a court order. He does not receive his court mail or letters from his clients, not even his private mail: "I couldn't and cannot meet deadlines" he states and asks himself: "Who is so interested in my mail that 1. the mail is suppressed at all?" 2. it is provided with a false entry stamp in order to run the risk of missing deadlines, 3. only parts of mail items are released at the discretion of the inspector, or 4. obviously my private mail on a third-party PC system, not on the des Commissioner, is being scanned? Am I under suspicion of terrorism? It can only have something to do with my causes! " His questions to the Chamber Commissioner about his mail, his application to lift the post ban and his application for retirement remain unanswered. He is ostracized, isolated, humiliated, incapacitated - just like the unjustifiably removed children, the unjustified victims, the unjustified convicts.

5. Samanta in action:

"Whoever commits an act under the 'influence of a mental or emotional abnormality of a higher degree' which is threatened with a prison term of more than one year comes into the so-called execution of measures. The sentence pronounced in the judgment can be much lower, about six months are sufficient or even a conditionally pronounced penalty temporary unlimited. (Katharina Rueprecht) (13) (4)

The approx. 2000 m2 large area of ​​the State Hospital Mauer impresses with extensive parks with old trees, ponds, its own church, ballroom and style pavilions. Such an expensive system calls for maximum capacity utilization in order to be able to operate profitably. The feudal complex is equipped with barbed wire fences and surveillance systems. You see people pale as chalk in a hunched position, laboriously moving wheelchair users or people with completely swollen faces. "Forensic psychiatry is a branch of psychiatry that deals with the assessment, treatment and placement of mentally ill offenders." (8th)

The small barred terrace in one of the pavilions that Samanta is allowed to enter has a soft floor covering that gives off a stinking plastic odor. A motion detector in your twin room lets the electric light flicker with every movement in the bed. Samanta is forcibly treated with psychotropic drugs.

What is called the execution of measures in Austria is called "execution of measures" in Germany. Gustl Mollath, whose lawyer Gerhard Strate wrote the book "The Mollath Case" (5), describes the forced treatment as follows (page 184): "... I will never forget the cries for help, the whimpering, the pleading. I am perverted here Monsters at the mercy! Execution of measures is pure torture! ... No dog is trained as one presumes here to be allowed to deal with people ... ". Lawyer Strate writes (page 181): "Anyone who is instructed in forensics because of a judgment ... has effectively lost touch with the legal system. The unfortunate can only regain him through hasty cooperation with the doctors and demonstrative insight into the disease. To whom This kind of mendacity is alien to those who insist on their rights instead of conscientiously consuming the prescribed psychotropic drugs and rewarding their therapists with a grateful smile, have a bad chance of ever being set free again. "

In order to have a chance to get out in Austria, you have to reach level 6 by fulfilling the requirements. You start at level 0. Samanta was already at a higher level and was downgraded to level 0 after Dr. Krasser visited her and called SIM (9). Samanta did not violate any requirements. It is sanctioned simply because of external contact. Going through the steps is the only hope for detainees in prison.

Born in Poland, Samanta was raised Catholic and seeks solace in prayer. There is nothing left for her but "to hope and pray"! It is certified a "religious madness". From August 2018 Samanta can only be visited by her siblings and the priest. The forensic scientists know that Samanta's siblings live abroad. Friends living in Austria are no longer allowed to visit Samanta. The pastor remains the only visitor ...

Samanta had periods where she lost consciousness a few times a day from the forced treatment. There was no menstruation. Your eyesight is deteriorating. She's in pain. She doesn't complain. You must show willingness to cooperate.

6. Ask for help:

New lawyers and appraisers cost money. Therefore a donation is requested for the urgently needed defense of Samanta. Even the smallest amount counts:
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* ... is part 4 of the series of publications "The dirty war against children in Europe, psychological warfare to destabilize society"

Publication in Germany:

** Name changed

*** Documents are available

(1) Article on the rape of a 15-year-old girl (

Article on rape in Tulln (

(2) In case of doubt for the accused:

(3) Section 84/2 of the Criminal Code

(4) Implementation of measures

Katharina Rueprecht


(6) -
Practically all of the writings that Szasz has published since the myth of mental illness revolve around the topic of "psychotherapy with a human face" and are devoted to the criticism of those psychiatric and psychotherapeutic practices in which the incapacitation and tutelage of the individual by an authority organized and medical profession is operated:



(9) -

(10) Article of the Prague Newspaper


(12) Pychiatry and Ethics


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