Can iCloud be activated

iPhone: delete activation lock and log in without Apple ID - that works

To protect an iPhone from thieves and unauthorized access, theActivation lock introduced. The lock ensures that the iPhone can only be used with the registered Apple ID. If you have bought a used iPhone, the question arises whether the activation lock can be bypassed.

The activation lock is part of the “Where is?” Function of iOS. The iPhone search function must be set up for the lock to be active. This is how the iCloud account is linked to the respective iOS device. Even after resetting the iPhone, the device can only be used with the corresponding iCloud login data. For this reason, stealing an iPhone is not worth it. Immediately after the feature was introduced, the number of stolen iPhones dropped noticeably.

iPhone: Bypass Activation Lock?

If the lock is active, either the lock screen remains activated or there is no access to Apple services such as the app store or iCloud via the mobile phone. There is no reliable way to bypass the iCloud lock. The detour via a jailbreak is blocked, as the corresponding applications must be installed on the blocked iPhone.

There are some providers on the net who are said to be able to reset an activation lock. However, these services are chargeable and do not promise any success. However, the iPhone is not lost if it is still linked to a third-party Apple ID.

If you have bought a used iPhone, the only way to get access to the device is:

  • The easiest way for the previous owner to deactivate the activation lock.
    1. Here, the old owner first logs on to the iPhone with his login data.
    2. Then it goes to the Settings app.
    3. In the area Generally there is the option Reset to default.
    4. After selecting Delete content and settings the old owner enters his Apple ID and password.
    5. The iPhone will be reset and can be used with a new Apple ID.

Deregister Apple ID from previous owner

Alternatively, the old owner logs out of the iPhone via iCloud. This way is suitable, for example, if you have bought the iPhone used on platforms such as eBay:

  1. The previous owner logs into the iCloud on his computer.
  2. About the iPhone search he can display the device.
  3. With the choice Remove from account the Apple ID will be deleted from your iPhone.
  4. Restart the iPhone. The activation lock has disappeared and you can set up the device.

For a while, Apple offered a way to check online via IMEI whether an activation lock was activated on the iPhone in question. In the meantime, however, Apple has discontinued the service. The manufacturer advises itself to find out from a seller whether an iPhone on offer is unlocked. You are on the safe side when you buy a new iPhone. In our online shop you will find many offers for all current iPhone models.