What are IDMT relays

Time Protection Relays IDMT Automatic Reverse Overcurrent Protection

Time Protection Relays IDMT Automatic Reverse Overcurrent Protection

Time overcurrent scales operate with a delay that is adjustable. For a given setting, the actual delay depends on the current through the relay coil. Higher currents cause the squadron to operate faster. The minimum relay operating current (input current) is also adjustable.

The most commonly used overcurrent scale has the lightning-fast response for very large currents and the reverse time behavior for lower currents. A relay is intended to protect loads or circuits from excessive current.


KRIPAL overcurrent protection supplies comprehensive safety equipment for low-voltage applications. All Mikros overcurrent units are microprocessor-controlled numerical relays and are housed in the high-strength casing. The models in the range represent a wealth of options including programmable relay outputs to the static and those, the digital display or dial. activated are available.


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C. Different low-rate and high-rate travel indicators
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Current rating


Rated frequency

50 / 60Hz


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Thermal resistance

4 * ln

Additional supply




50 / 60Hz

Low-rate: 2A to 6A; 40% to 120%
Time multiplier: 0.01 to 1.0
IDMT curve: normal opposite
Upper sentence (l >>): i> to l> 5 ×

Travel contact: type of automatic reset
Contact load: NC NO contact type
6A. AC 250V
Silver alloy contact material
100, 000 electrical operations at rated currents

Travel indicator: manual reset type

Adjustable Accuracy: Less than ± 5%
Repeatability: Less than 0.5% of complete


  • Accurate, reliable and more resistant to shock and shock than traditional electromechanical relays
  • The current measurement, which is based on the fundamental frequency, prevents the harassment circuit
  • Digital display or dial activated for ease of use
  • Robust housing protects the unit from external interference
  • Complies with IEC 60255-26 standards


Incoming protection of the feeder
Outgoing protection
Main line carrier protection

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