What is M A.

The degree Master of Arts (M.A)

The title Master of Arts / M.A. is not the name of a specific course, but rather describes the completion of a master’s course. The Master of Arts degree, like the Bachelor of Arts degree, can be obtained in various subjects. This includes fields of study such as linguistics and cultural studies, social and human sciences and economics. The Master of Arts can be awarded by various educational institutions such as universities, technical colleges, music and art colleges. The Master of Arts degree was created in the course of the Bologna Process.

As a rule, the Master of Arts degree follows the Bachelor of Arts degree. In order to be able to achieve the academic degree Master of Arts, a bachelor's degree must have been completed beforehand. With the Master of Arts you deepen your previous knowledge in the respective field of study. The Master of Arts can lead to a further specialization in a subject such as economics or, under certain circumstances, can also be completed in a course of study outside the subject. If you specialize with the help of the Master of Arts degree, you usually set the course for your later career path. The Master of Arts builds on the Bachelor of Arts. So far, students who have achieved a diploma can still take part in the master’s courses. In future, however, only students with a bachelor's degree will be admitted to the master’s degree programs that lead to a Master of Arts.

The Master of Arts is the second academic degree that can be achieved during one's studies. If you want to continue your academic career, you are entitled to do a doctorate with the title Master of Arts and you can complete your studies with a doctoral thesis. With a Master of Arts degree, of course, you also have the opportunity to apply for a job immediately. Graduates with the Master of Arts have good chances on the job market, depending on the field of study. The academic degree Master of Arts is abbreviated as M.A. behind the name. Compared to the Master of Science, Master’s degrees with a degree of Arts are awarded a higher proportion of practical work during the course.

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