What is propeller advertising

Propellerads vs Ezoic - Comparison of two advertising platforms

In this article we have analyzed two advertising platforms Propellerad vs Ezoic, analyzed the pros and cons and made a conclusion

Propeller wheels vs Ezoic.

For many, Adsense is the most recommended ad network that everyone is talking about. But as you know, any popular company always has alternatives. We will talk about two such services in this article. Here's a quick comparison of Propellerads vs Ezoic .. We will talk about each of these platforms separately, analyze their pros and cons, bump their heads together and summarize which of these is better, in our opinion.


Brief characteristics of propeller wheels

  1. Founded in 2011;
  2. Supported model: CPM, CPC, CPL, CPI and CPA;
  3. Payment method: Paypal, Epaket, WebMoney, Payoneer, Skrill and bank transfer;
  4. Payment terms: net-07 (every Thursday);
  5. Minimum Payment Threshold: US $ 5;
  6. Supported Language: English and Non-English;
  7. Reporting: real-time reporting;
  8. Live Publisher: 9017;
  9. Minimum traffic: no;
  10. Website: https://propellerads.com;
  11. Number of employees: 201-500.

Propeller Gauge Review:

Founded Propellerads, Propellerads offers display, native, video and mobile advertising as well as partner services. With 8 years of experience and working with over 150,000 publishers, Propellerads claims to offer the best CPM prices on the market.

The platform has developed its own algorithms to better tune users and advertisers. Propellerads is not only a publisher AD network, but also a stand-alone platform for advertisers to create and design their ad campaigns.

Propellerads is easy to get started, and publishers can create and insert ad codes themselves. However, for better support, the company also offers personal account managers.

Features of propeller wheel advertising

1. Global coverage:

Propellerads claims to monetize 100% of its web traffic through its huge advertisers from around the world. This means that websites with non-English language content can attract advertisers to serve ads to a specific audience in their native language.

2. Pure advertising:

With the help of technology and manual automation, Propellerads monitors the quality of the advertising on the website. Same is used to filter ads with malicious and obscene content, with users showing only high quality and risk free ads.

3. Compatible with AdSense:

Most publishers partner with multiple networks (including Google AdSense) to better monetize ad revenue. With that in mind, Propellerads designed their platform to run smoothly with AdSense on the publisher's website.

4. Adblock bypass:

Ad blockers cause publishers to lose sales. Adblock Bypass, a Propeller Ads solution, provides publishers with a way to monetize ad users by replacing standard impressions with inconspicuous ads (like native ads).

5. Advertising Onclick Popunder:

Also known as Clickum ads, these types of ads expand to full screen when users click on them. These ads provide users with more information with a link to the ad website.

The format can help generate more revenue for publishers and also gives a clear idea of ​​the user's interest in advertisers (this data can then be used for retargeting) thanks to the user's connection on the page.

6. Publisher Community:

Propeller Ads has an online publisher community that meets frequently to share ideas and help publishers grow their business.

7. Push notifications:

For mobile publishers, Propeller Ads has a push notification service to control more traffic. It does this by displaying on the user's screen a notification of the latest website content or services that may interest him.

8.Low payment threshold:

The company recently updated their payment terms. With this new update, the minimum payment threshold has been reduced from $ 5 to $ 5. In addition, the publishers' results are credited via an automated system to avoid manual errors and delays.

Like Adsense billing, Propellerads rewards publishers with traffic from top countries. However, it is also open to locations with non-English voice traffic and content for both desktop and mobile platforms.

9. Multiple ad formats

From standard banner ads to rich media ads, Propeller Ads has a variety of ad formats for publishers to choose from. The dashboard supports over 9 languages ​​to better understand ad revenue in your own language.

Types of high performance propeller units

Propeller ads are a worthy solution for bloggers looking to monetize their blog network. The AD network offers several types of advertisements including:

1. Native direct advertising:

Local direct mail is one of the most popular, where you make money by driving traffic to a link. You can drive traffic through techniques like social media traffic, internal pop-binding, link placement on your website, and so on.


This type of AD opens in a different window behind the original website. Pop under ads can usually be seen on viral sites that are driving paid traffic to their website.

3. Push-up advertising for mobile devices:

Push up ads is one of the most widely used mobile dialog boxes and is based on basic user engagement. A simple browser scroll or tap will activate an ad window for pop-up ads with CTA buttons.

4. Interstitial Mobile Advertising:

These are full screen ads that cover the interface of the website. They appear at natural transition points.

5. Banner advertising:

This form of advertising involves embedding a banner on a website. Thus, these ads take up space in the site or app layout, or at the top or bottom of the device screen.

Ezoic Review.

Ezoic is a platform that manages all the ads on the website with the aim of increasing profits. With machine learning and artificial intelligence, they can serve better ads, increase ad revenue, and slow down page load times.

This network has a number of specialized tools that are used to analyze ads and audiences. Thanks to these tools, advertising on your website goes to the next level. You can only join ads where you really need them.

In contrast to most ad server platforms, the Ezoic AD tester works with artificial intelligence. It can help make your site faster and generate more revenue.

The system aims to increase the number of visitors who click on your ads. He will test different ads, different ad placements, and different ad densities for each ad campaign to see what works best.

It is a real-time mathematical optimization engine that can determine what ad configuration should be displayed, how the user is interacting with your site based on the user.

Propeller wheels vs Ezoic.

Comparing these two platforms, Ezoic can be viewed as an ad tester, and Propellerads is a full-fledged ad platform. If we choose between the services, we would prefer Ezoika as it allows us to study the advertising as much as possible and place it where it is appropriate. Thanks to Ezoica's multifunctional tools, you can take your website to the next level and make it several times faster. This is true, we have seen from our own experience. In terms of supporting services, both there and there, it works well, any problems we had during our work were resolved fairly quickly and efficiently.


In conclusion, I want to say that the choice of an advertising platform is yours. Only you can decide which is the best fit for your website. It is recommended that you read user reviews if you cannot decide already. Thanks for the attention!