How easy is it to make a girlfriend

Stop to pull your hair out!

"At last! Here's a way that guaranteed works to turn a good friend into THE friend without, that she rejects you and she suddenly becomes a passionate, romantic sexual Urges desire for TO YOU developed. "...

Even if they already have you as a Friend "stamped" and your situation is instant nearly hopeless looks ...

Here's the secret to how you understand them - and this too YOUR Can take advantage.

My dear friend,

I know how that feels. You two probably have something great going on; you think it's great to hang out with her and be with her without a doubt ...

She has the same feelings for you ... she likes you but JUST as a friend. So far you have acted very calmly, but under the facade, in yours deepest Inside, you know that you actually want 'a lot more than just that.

The truth is that your heart longs for this Friendship levelto leave and you'd rather be the guy you want to be in in love... you are probably shaking your head, totally confused and feeling dreadful unsure how you do that next levelyou should tackle with her.

You're feeling too soon EXPLODE

You got yourself immensely crush on her ... you just know it "you" is ... that makes your palms sweat, makes your heart beat faster and causes you a butterfly in your stomach when you hear her voice, smell her perfume or feel her near you.

"She is it".

And just as your affection for her grows, so do your feelings of insecurity ... mostly, because you don't know if she feels the same about you.

At the same time, however, like a wobbly, glowing pressure cooker with the lid bursting, does it tear you apart, more than you would like to admit ... you become more and more self-conscious and insecure when she is around and you fear that you will "screwed up"if you would admit your true feelings for her.

It brings you inside around...

You're always guessing ...

What if you finally make up your mind 'to jump into the cold water' and let everything out; admit how you really feel for her and ask her if she wants to be your friend, the only words she can utter in a trembling voice ...

"I ... I ... like you ... but ... can't we just be friends?"


Your heart would burst into a thousand pieces ... your world, shatters in front of your own eyes ... as if it were one TON Bricks fell on your head ... and mercilesson your already weakened knees and shoulders hammers.

Face yourself the embarrassment, depression and the PAIN that you would feel ...

Imagine howEMBARRASSINGthis foryou would.

Of course you want NOT, that this happens since

your friendship afterwards
NO WAY the same would be ...

A friend too the Making girlfriend is a highly FRAGILE situation, just one wrong step and you are done. She may feel weird, pretend she's too “busy”, and yell NEVER AGAIN at.

From your point of view, it's not easy to stay friends with her either ...

How many times has she complained about how lonely she is ...while you sit across from her and you wish to have them?

It feels like she's stabbing a knife straight into your heart every time if she does that. Sure I know that hurts ...How crazy. I've seen that too!

At the same time; have you ever wondered:

Why women like to hang out with you, but no want to sleep with you

Why the women you like always end up with someone else AS you are together ...

Why they sleep with idiots who don't care about them, when they could be with someone who loves them and understands them better than anyone else and EVERYTHING would do for her like you?


Is you something like that also happened once before ...

You recently met a girl you like but:

  • Your conversation was bland and boring and you wanted to change the mood of the interaction in such a way that they are you WANT
  • You wanted to throw in the towel and give up there NO Your actions seemed to work ... and you should just accept that
  • You're going to be too self conscious wooden when you are with her ... to the extent that you can no longer converse with her as you would under normal circumstances
  • You did everything in your power to make her happy and please, nevertheless it develops NO Feelings for you and don't stop talking about other guys, about everyoneexcept to you…

You should be addressing all of these questions "Yes!" have answered, then ...

I implore you and admonish you NO of the following things to do ...

Unfortunately, things guys usually do for a woman end up too to convince to like them, mostly in one greater distance between the two ... even if it looks like it is the right thing at the time!

Be honest with me; have you tried any of the following to get the girl you like to like you too:

Over and over again, admitting how madly in love you are with her and how you would do anything?
Trying to convince you that you are the ultimate nice boy by acting like the loving, gentle and caring man they love ' should'?
Explain to her urgently and assure her how much you differ from the other guys, how you would give up everything for her, be there and lay the world at her feet.
Buying flowers and expensive gifts, writing romantic love letters and cards to show her how'serious' you mean it
Acting depressed so that she has a heart for you and you one Chance"..
Try to convince them why they let you into their heart and accept you should?

These are the BiggestMistakes guys make... in the real world, these actions are not just COUNTERPRODUCTIVE, rather BUMP they probably just stop and do itless likelythat they EVER will feel the same for you!

In other words, the things that “should” work just DON'T work, and they will NO WAY to do!

No way.

Why ,to get’Some men do what they want, just’ like that ’… while most guys No way Landing points with women matter how hard you try?

And most importantly: where are the 'secrets' around the inner one Sparkto trigger in a woman so that she is also for YOU Developed feelings?

It's good that you ask; The world is unjust and because of this ruthless, unsympathetic reality of courting, I want to make it clear once and for all that if a woman is not you ATTRACTIVE thinks all of your pathetic attempts to confess your love will backfirewhether she's been your girlfriend for a long time or someone you've just met.

Accordingly, a situation in which you become one Girlfriend' explain how you feel about her ... and she doesn't find you ATTRACTIVE right from the start, knocks her EASY from ... and will No way Come back.

The difference between the guys who usually get the girl ... and those who love their hearts every single time is broken if you try ...
Why does it seem that some men

are constantly surrounded by women who want to spend all their time with them ... while most of the others at all NO to have?

In "Those days", in which I still had to learn how to deal with women, I kept asking myself these questions. Of course, I would be for it DIEDto know what the "Secret ingredient", the Salt in the soup, is!

And exactly that's why I've spent the last 7 years, almost EVERY WAKE UP MINUTE of my life, hanging out with guys, questioning them, studying them and closely OBSERVING them "A natural way of being successful" in women are.

I was humble, overly intimidated, and PERPLEXED from what I've seen, not to be compared with anything what i would have expected.

Seriously, these guys were pretty average guys, just like you and me, but they still had one skill that sets them apart from the others: theirs eerie gift the female language ”; the mystical one "Code" the just Understand women.

And they use EXACTLY THIS knowledge in every situation that you find yourself in with a woman you desire. At the most fascinating is the fact that

on the surface, these DO NOT MAKE ANY SENSE AT ALL ...

But anyway somehow every single time seem to work in women.
In other words, it's about more than just knowing what to do in the situation ...

It was also about exuding confidence that you know how it is goingthat you MAKES awarded; this is not available to guys who haven't taken the time to learn more about it.

Another reason why you ...

stop beating your head against the wall ...

You can't do it with a woman moveto like one or change their feelings for you“, by doing nice things and trying to convince them ...

Buy gifts for her, extra "kind"To be with her and"to be there for you“Won't bring it either. Women don't just wake up one day and think: "Hey the guy seems like a loving, nice, caring man. I guess it's time to fall in love. "

You won't suddenly feel for it decide’’that she finds you attracted. A woman either finds you attractive or not ... it just happens!

So how do you "do it" for a woman to have such feelings for you?

You've seen this before, guys who have just enough money to make ends meet and are the total average guys ... but for some reason know exactly what to say and do to turn a woman on.

You WANT be like that guy and the first and most important step in the right direction is all you accept to know about women, to leave them behind, to open up and ...

  • to think differently
  • to act differently
  • and start in a different way too communicate.

The lack of connection in any female-male relationship "without passion lies in the absence SEXUAL ENTERTAINMENTS. The art of sexual entertainment, sexual flirting and teasing in and of itself makes that up FOUNDATION the secret language of ATTRACTION.

Unfortunately, men ONLY understand this, and it is not surprising that 99.97% of the male population practically does

to 'demand' to be rejected by a woman even before they have opened their mouths!

At the same time, this calls for a DEEP understanding of the female psyche; how they think, act, or act like they do, and knowing what they are ultimately looking for but in most cases a man No way would tell.

It's a SKILL (and I believe, and you have to trust me, I'm sure it's unlikely that you will EVER find out through trial and error)

as most, if not all ALL Keys to making a woman feel attracted to you, not "visible" at all!

The truth is coming out…

Well, I haven't announced any of this publicly, but about 2 years ago, I randomly invited some of my clients to one to participate in a secret experiment ...

The program (called the Advanced "Girlfriend-in-Lover Secrets" program) allowed for one personal support, advice and a "friend" in "beloved" with professionally monitored exercises, fieldwork and personal feedback.

The results were breathtaking; at that time they were involved in getting an "average guy" a dream woman. Needless to say, it does Great worked for this ...

And now I want to TO YOU show how you can do the same ...

Remember, this is not an advice on what is likely to work. These guides are tried and tested steps, the most effective ones RADICAL, powerful, defying logic ATTRACTION to evoke in a woman and completely corrects for any mistakes you have made in the past!

It addresses a range of real situations and circumstances and BECOMES all obstacles to them yours To make beloved, overcome.

Why are you getting this information certainly not found anywhere else ...

As successful as the program became when word got around about its effectiveness, I found myself in the situation that I desperate tried the insane Need to cope with. This went so far that I refuse customers and send them away had to.

Naturally it brings me to have to send such well-meaning guys away every time and this ultimately convinced me to summarize exactly this information and make a complete one Mammoth things To create a video program ...

“From girlfriend to girlfriend - secretsuncovered

So stays NOBODY on the route…No way!

It sums up all the information you need ... just as in-depth as I discuss this with my premium client ... it is exactly what I use when talking face to face.

It includes a clear, workable, step-by-step plan FROM START TO END ... and best of all, here will NOTHING left to chance because you meticulously are instructed in what you have to say in order to change your feelings about her promotethat brings you both together.

It is not only based on my experience, but also on years of experience PROVEN scientific research by top national psychologists in the field of relationships and female behavior. I have aggressively acquired all of this knowledge and have spent YEARS studying everything available on the subject ... and I'm really very sure that the content is NOT explained ANYWHERE else.

You will hardly believe your eyes ...

Here are some small samples of the groundbreaking Techniques You Can Learn Using This Program:

  • Where to start: The draft and step-by-step plan of action on how to make a friend THE friend and she is YOU choose from all the other guys fighting for your attention.
  • 7 proven goals there "To say without saying it". If you are afraid that you might "screw it up" these steps will get her the message across loud and clear and you will see how it melts away when you hit the right page in the right place ...her heart.
  • A never before published 6-step plan to to secretly maximize and reinforce the attraction a woman feels for you ... without her noticing what is actually going on until it's too late (this technique works so well - she'll be the one who will have sleepless nights and wonder how she even got a crush on you!)
  • A detailed explanation of the reasons why women only treat some men as friendliness
  • An ingenious plan of action to float yourself in from the 'friend' category an irresistible, charming manthat she finds sexually attractive.
  • How to get the Attraction of a woman unconsciously on himself can judge and how to convince them to desire YOU, even if she ALREADY likes another boy or stares at him in love.
  • A powerful one 4-step technique how to make EVERY GIRL your girlfriend (It doesn't matter if she is a distant acquaintance or a work colleague, your sister's friend or the girl next door ... it doesn't matter)!
  • A best practice of all things that you can do IMMEDIATELY to ensure that a woman finds you attractive when you spend time with her ...without exaggerating or looking like you're trying too hard!
  • 3 proven techniques that accurately describe how and when to go dare the first kiss should... a kiss she will remember for a lifetime.
  • How to use the little-known triangle method to convince your friends to "sell" YOU to them with little or no effort on your part (This trick alone makes purchasing the entire program worthwhile!)
  • The 5 Most Serious Mistakes Guys Can Make With A Woman To Begin To Become Relational to disqualify and strand her in the permanent helpless role of "friend". (Here you learn how you CAN PREVENT this and she wants you as THE friend).
  • A brilliant one 5-step “formula” that gives a woman a soulful, sexy time with you GUARANTEED. (Most guys totally screw this up and never see the girl again ...)
  • …and that is just the beginning!

Unsurpassed "From girlfriend to lover"
Techniques that are so effective that they can FORBIDDEN should be.

Close your doors, secure your computer with a password and protect it with your life if you encounter the unusual "refined“Rare golden treasures lifts over the PRACTICALLY NO ONE speaks:

  • Word-accurate scripts of what you should say when you ask her to become your friend; these will give her the feeling of being the absolute front runner, she can hardly say “no” at all!
  • The 6 "magical" words that you MUST say when they "No“Should say; they will shock her, she will reconsider her cause and change her mind and she will feelings for you develop
  • How to keep your personal power ... instead of giving them away to them (as most men do, especially if they are totally into women)
  • How to get a woman to want something (you) so badly, even if she has in the past No way made the slightest hint. (This is usually the determining factor in most successful girlfriend-to-lover changes ”)
  • How one AVOIDEDthat a woman's "test" shakes and controls your actions, so that you can end her influence and be the guy she respects and is crazy about.
  • How to turn it so that, from the very first moment, a woman sees you as a sexual object and not just a good friend. You will discover the little-known powerful techniques to launch her dormant "sexual triggers" and build sexual tension within minutes of she met you.
  • Jealousy Increase Method: You learn how to be one of the by far too few use techniques used to quasi “force” a woman to “put her cards on the table” and to reveal their true inner feelings for you (Often women are not even aware that they are attracted to you. Here you use reverse psychology to get their feelings for you going when she already had feelings for you!)
  • Accelerating Social Acceptance: How To Get OTHER Women To "Turn Things On The Head" and makes YOU do ALL the work.
  • 4 proven safe ways to effectively flirt and "tease" women who are ALREADY your girlfriend. (Everyone tells you that it is next to impossible to jump the spark with a friend; however, the truth is, the spark can jump with ANY woman ... whoever she is. When you discover how to FLIRT with women and this in a charming way NECKST, this can create a momentum so that the rest of the process runs all by itself!)
  • The unconscious behavior patterns that women use to instantly categorize men. (This has nothing to do with the size of your wallet, your height or your good looks ... and if you understand how it works and how you can use it for yourself, women will AUTOMATICALLY put you at the top of their "friend material list")
  • The 7 hidden "rules" of attraction and how to use these subtly to create a "must-have-I-have" feeling in a woman that she only maintainswhen she has finally met “who it is”. (The fascinating thing is how to get these feelings to a boil without her REALIZING them until it's already too late!)
  • A gentle, artful way to step up a gear and “go full throttle” so that she becomes your “girl” WITHOUT ever having to jeopardize the friendship and run the risk of losing her as a friend. (Failure to adhere to this principle equals friendship suicide!)
  • … And much more!

Most of my "Relationship guru"Friends (a group made up of the world's best), to whom I have shown this, agree that it ...

the most modern program is that you have ever seen

Needless to say, I am your enthusiast BLOWED, so I put it through further tests with a handful of other "Average types“To make sure it's easy to use.

This groundbreaking program is still novel ... yet it has ALREADY a considerable number of TO PROVEand inspiring success stories!

** (For data protection reasons, the names of the customers are shown as initials) **


Make a long-time friend a lover? Well, hold your breath ... like many others, I've accepted the fact that once I'm a "friend", that's all over the place; I will stay that way forever and ever.

Nevertheless, I signed up for your coaching program and thought to myself that I would use the money-back guarantee if it sucks. I have to admit I am a skeptic.

But I am also the type of success that recognizes when it is justified, and after the first 15 minutes of listening to you ... what you said spoke to me, I recognized the things that I did wrong and that made her perceive me as a friend and nothing more.

It wasn't exactly enjoyable listening, mainly because so many of the observations you made applied to me. Still hesitant, I tried the first trick and it actually seemed to work. Then the next one and she seemed to be even more involved outside.

Well, as I sit here writing this email, Jenny (name changed) who was my best friend for 2 years is now OPFFICIALLY my partner!

I take that back. I couldn't be happier. THANKS! I am absolutely CONVERTED!

Christopher J.
Connecticut, US

Hello Simon,

Your personal coaching gave me a ton of COOL tricks and tips. I bought all of your programs and the way you figured out all of this is amazing.

This friend to lover program is by far the BEST. For as long as I can remember, I've been in love with my school friend. We have known each other since childhood. She rejected me once when I confessed my feelings to her when I was 16; after that I didn't dare to go any further because I was afraid to endanger my friendship with her.

I'm going to be 21 this year and after reading your offer I pulled myself together and decided to try again. We are now officially "together" !! Woooo babyyyyyy !!! And I would like to take this opportunity to thank you for everything you have done for me / us. She is MORE than anything I have ever dreamed of !! THANK YOU SO MUCH!

Anthony A
Arizona, US


I have been one of your loyal followers for 2 years. I bought all of your programs but I have to admit this is the one I've been waiting for all this time !! Man, you should have published this years ago! I'm starting to wonder if maybe you're a girl yourself, since everything you say is so true. LOL. Seriously, I showed my friend one of your approximation courses and she just said, "Where did you get that from?"

Anyway, I'm applying the material to a friend I have a crush on and it's just amazing ... she's not my girlfriend yet, but she's started flirting with, BUT LIKE! She keeps suggesting we hang out alone and acts twice as much as a girl when I'm around her. We almost kissed once! But I followed your instructions, teased them even more and then quickly withdrew. You should have seen their reaction! She was totally upset and stormed out of the room.

Not to mention that she's really hot and that a lot of guys are after her. Actually, I thought I screwed up, but - OH MIRACLE - she called me to apologize and has been calling continuously ever since. This NEVER happened before, it was so mean ... LOL ... I'll keep you updated on the progress, OK? Thank you, Simon. Your program is so cool!

Zenaz P, Milwaukee

Hi Simon,

You know yourself that you are good, so let's just leave that aside. I was ultimately introduced to a girl, I don't know her that well, but I know that most guys go for her. I would like her too, well, she's really hot ... hihihi

Well, the first time we met, I explained to her, "Your makeup looks weird" (as you suggested), something I NEVER dared tell a girl. I thought she was going to get totally pissed off, instead it turned out that she stayed longer and explained herself to me and asked me questions all the time.

I just stared at her, rolled my eyes, teased her: "Why do you sit down here, only I fit here." You should have seen your reaction! She really bit her teeth on it!

We chatted around like we've known each other for years! That's how I got to know her, well, the details would probably fill 9 pages, but basically I just tested the ideas from your program and turned them on and now ... SHE IS MY GIRLFRIEND!

UNDER THE SEX !! AWESOME !! Your program is great!

Mike V, Phuket, Thailand

Hi, who would have thought that this was even possible ... I definitely not. But you showed me the OPPOSITE. This was my first purchase from you and if it's good I can't wait to buy your other products as well. Great content and I can't stop recommending it to everyone who is also interested in this topic.

Your personal forming technique was the BIGGEST success. I took a huge risk, to be honest, I was so scared of using it ... "What if she turns around, leaves, and never comes back?"

The first time she saw me after I was out of her life, her first reaction was, “What happened to you? Are you missing something? ”I could see that she was disappointed.

She didn't like my new self, I could sense a lot of tension. But I stuck to it. But after 2 weeks, she suddenly called me at night and asked if she could come over. She came, it was strange, she just stood there without saying anything. So I just took her hand and said: “I WANT you NOW.” I almost pissed my pants, but I stayed cool. But then she smiled ... that was really SUESS!

Honestly, I have to admit that the whole process, from creating attraction, re-branding to returning, took a good 2 and a half months and a lot of practice, but since we've been a couple ... it was definitely worth the effort.

I couldn't be happier. I can't thank you enough, SIMON HOENG. Keep it up, dude!

Warren Y, Perth, Australia

Why do you risk losing by "trial and error"?

I know that this "hard to believe"Is, but the undeniable"Success stories“And the results of those who have used it don't lie. I admit, they are unusual and non-conformist,but they are also generally immediately applicable to any hopeless situation. Here are just a few examples:

  • How to integrate the 3 most effective "bad boy" elements into your personality - "Unpredictability", "Excitement" and "Charm" (Follow the simple steps and you will never have to worry that she will lose her interest in you ... or you will lose her to another man)
  • How to turn an "everyday" conversation into a hot, erotic encounter can transform who turns a woman on and turns you into a more desirable man than any other man you've ever been with! (This will help you tackle things with her TWICE as quickly).
  • How to recognize your own limited or incorrect thoughts about yourself and women... and how to turn them into useful thoughts that will help you WIN.
  • Everything you say or do can either increase or decrease their attraction to you ... learn how to use this to your advantage and make the most of every conversation, action, gesture, and situation with her.
  • How one changes his entire image in her head and turns from a 'safe', non-threatening 'friend' to a 'sexy', 'masculine' and 'sought after' MANthat women just can't get enough of (even if she has only treated you 'as a friend' for as long as you can remember - but if you apply this to her, she will see you in a COMPLETELY new light, someone who too irresistible and charming to be wiped away)
  • How to get independence in a relationship obtained in a way that attracts, not repulses, women.
  • A vodo technique to your Reprogramming thoughts so that she constantly envisions romantic images of both you and the two of you as an intimate couple (I'll make you ready to take notes, as this technique is the 'bridge' that will help you go from being a friend to being a 'lover')
  • 5 things you should NEVER do in front of a woman you want to be with. These are the WORST faus-paux; turns the women on and IMMEDIATELY informs them that you are neither "lover, nor relationship material"
  • A new trick to use when a woman is “buttoned up”. He will open it for you and let them be grateful for the opportunity to spend time with you.
  • Do you realize what is the most important element in creating a connection with a woman? Empathy! You will find the rare and in-demand formula that will make them thank and scream their lucky stars: "My God! We're similar on so many levels ... this guy knows exactly how I feel! "
  • Exactly what to do if she ALREADY told you that she ONLY wants to stay friends. You will receive a surefire action plan that will completely "undo" what has already happened and get you back on track to make her your loved one.
  • About 9 LOUD and CLEAR STARTING SIGNS that show a woman is interested and tell you they want more than just a boyfriend (Once you're 90% sure that they want more than just a boyfriend, you can influence their thoughts even further until SHE asks YOU if you want to be their lover!)
  • ... and much, much more!

Obviously the program is packed with one QUANTITY of information, but it gets even better:

FIVE Modules valued at $ 296.80 (Yours are FREE no matter what you choose)

To your endeavor to turn her from a friend to a lover, BULLET PROOF to do, I have additional Materials created to DIRECTLY support you with the perfect 'close'. Here is my offer: If you invest in the video program, you will also receive FIVE accompanying modules. These include:

Module No. 1:"Transition: How to turn a woman on and get a good friend into the bedroom" - (Value: $ 59.95)

This brochure shows you a step-by-step action plan how to do that "Animal" awakens every woman, no matter how "Buttoned" or "reserved" it may appearand that's MUCH easier than most guys think!

If you "Agile" behaves, women will STATE how "Well" you are to their friends and they will get you for it LOVE. You will learn:

  • A proven plan for EVERYONE the 4 crucial moments when a woman decides to reject a man or not
  • the 4 secret motives that immediately arouse a woman sexually (and it doesn't take any tangled NLP or insidious mind control techniques to do this)
  • The fastest and most natural way to overcome the "limit of contact" and pave the way for physical contact. (This trick is so 'covered' that it won't recognize your intentions.)
  • How to create excitement so strong that it would literally DIE for ripping your clothes off once the two of you were alone.
  • The 2 sentences that you HAVE to SAY so that they can be answered with a clear "Yes!" answers and takes off her clothes if you want to fumble with her and sleep with her later
  • How to 'accidentally' challenge a woman, 'change the situation' and get her to initiate sex by speaks these 5 magic words
  • … and much more!
Module No. 2:How to steal a friend, sneak into her heart, and make her your own!-- (Value: $ 49.95)

We've all seen this before. Meeting a woman and falling completely in love with her ...only to find out that she's already taken!

The techniques you are about to uncover here are FATAL, however YOU'RE WELCOME promise me NOT to use these until you have no other choice! I want to be honest… "You reap what you sow!". Then I act, so don't say afterwards I didn't warn you.

With that in mind, here you will learn:

  • How you secretly go undercover, are there for her and bond closely with heras you slowly pull them into your area; even if it is already taken to someone else.
  • There are ONLY 2 crucial factors that draw your attention from your relationship distract you and make you the "prince in the golden armor" and she falls in love with you (Here you will be explained in detail what, why and how this works)
  • The 6-step action plan to alienate your boyfriend / husband / fiancé (it works for all 3!) Behind their backs, to dispel doubts and to be merciless to destroy and win them over.
  • How you let them run up and expose their bluff when a woman uses the standard line: “I'm already taken” on shy guys they are not interested in anyway.
  • ... and a lot more!

Module no.3:"The essence of coolness: How to behave in the presence of women & send alphamagnetic, masculine signals that are bursting with sex appeal." (Value: € 39.95)

Knowing how to make one's self-image a “brand”, to a degree that EVERYTHING what has to do with you is just "cool"; Women want to be with youbecause they enjoy your company and nothing else.

When women think you're "cool" WILL YOU be the ones who will proudly show you off. And the best part is that you are practical do and read what you want and they will still look up to you as if you were THE MAN and treat you like a "jackpot".

I'm talking about little-known wisdom:


  • How one simply avoids the emotions of meeting that particular woman leading you to make the silly mistakes that she is "Scare away".

  • Broken down and explained: The 5 essential characteristics of "coolness" and how these work naturally to create an aura of trust, comfort, and devotion
  • Why women you REALLY are interested, seem to lose interest in you after a few days
  • How you use your emotional energy successfully and teach yourself the ability to transform any unpleasant feeling into positive energythat motivates you to be successful
  • How to behave in the presence of women and how to use alpha body language to compensate for "not finding interesting topics to talk about"... that creates attraction between you without the need for conversation
  • ... and much more!
Module No. 4 (CD audio coaching):David Wygant: The most cited expert in the field of friendship development - reveals HIS “from girlfriend to lover” secrets (value: € 49.95)

During his career, David Wygant has been featured on over 2000 radio shows as an expert on friendship.

David appeared on American television channels:Dateline, ABC News, CBS Good Morning, Inside Edition, MTV, Fox News, The Learning Channel, BBC, Blind Date and many others!

His articles appeared in over 200 national publications, such as Maxim, Men's Health,

Cosmopolitan, The Los Angeles Times, The Chicago Daily Herald, The Boston Globe, The Philadelphia Enquirer, New York Magazine and Marie Claire Magazine.

Obviously he's the BEST you can find on the market and it wasn't easy to get him to take part in this project (due to his heavyduty schedule as a celebrity) -BUT I DID IT ... OJ YES !! - and here is the CD recording in which he has his own proven techniques reveals how to turn a longtime friend into THE friend ...

Bonus # 5:Free lifetime updates for the Girlfriend-in-Lover program (minimum value: € 97.00)

Should new editions of the program be released, all updates are absolute free of charge. This is one of the great assets of digitally produced information; if a new version of a hardcover book or CD is released, you have to go to the bookstore first or buy it from Amazon!

This is different with videos: I will update them continuously, improve the program and whenever there are new findings on this topic and whenever a new updated version of this girlfriend-in-mistress secret is released, you will receive it ... FREE!

It's easy - I'll just contact you through my exclusive newsletter and send you download instructions so that you can stay up to date with the latest information on friend-in-lovers at all times


I can imagine that you might be worried about the price by now ...

Let me ask you a question: If this knowledge helps you at last Getting the girl you always wanted, but No way could have and you weeks, months or even YEARS of time and frustration spared - what would that be worth to you?

A thousand dollars? Ten thousand dollars? More? For most of the men I know, this would be priceless. The POSSIBILITY of this kind of success alone would be worth the investment.

Fortunately for you, I won't even APPROXIMATELY bill you for that amount. I wish, that as many men as possible benefit from this program; your investment today is just one One-time low price of € 29.00 instead of € 250.00.

That's not just good business, that's one unbelievable Business! And i can you to guaranteethat you will never receive such value again. In the future, this program will only be available to one 'Insider circle ' be accessible who has a membership or a mentor package valued at € 250.00.

You have for EVERY Situation an answer ... and you will also know exactly how you have to TRANSFORM in order to reach your full potential.

You are probably starting to see little things as well WIDE RANGE Can have an effect on women ... and that YOU control your own success.

"Nobody will help you to win them for you ..."

This is true.

Not her friends, not your friends and I guess you are not like that NAIVE to assume that if you both ' for each other since ’, one day, magically, the stars will unite and you will come together.

Unfortunately, this only happens in fairy tales, romance novels, and soap operas; if you want your girl in REALITY, you have to take a step back and ALL NECESSARY BUSINESS, around, to win them for you quickly ’ BEFORE someone else comes by and they get you under your fingers steals away.

Simply put: everything depends on YOU.

You just have A CHANCE to get this right, and that's exactly what "Secrets of the transformation from friend-into-lover" will do for you; it will show you how you can avoid all these mistakes and botch and start making them YOUR girlfriend ... RIGHT AWAY.

You will get results ...

So ... I don't want you to feel pressured.

Therefore I invite you to get an idea of ​​the early bird offer for yourself ...

Examine the program closely. Inspect and take the next 60 DAYS to try this out on the woman you have your eye on.

If you don't get the results I promise here, or if you don't like the package for whatever reason, just write me an email to let me know and I will refund you in full.

... I literally take over ALL Risks to you; I believe so much in the program.

I really do.

The worst that could happen to you would be that you use these techniques for 2 full months and Nevertheless With ALL 5 special bonuses ... FREE ... going home.

What could be better?

It's time you did YOURS Girlfriend will ...

This is the first and ONLY ONE Program of its kind.

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If you're tired of watching the Love of your life Head over heels for every other guy, but not in you ...

When it makes you sick that you are permanently overshadowed by OTHER men; and watch them have the time of their life with YOUR sweetheart .... while you sit alone at home and cheat on yourself, romantic Have fantasies with her and give your palm the usual 'practice session' ...

If you really love her and want her and would do almost anything to be with herhere are you starting. This program gives you a step-by-step plan of action on how to do just that ...

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To your success

Simon H David K

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P.P.P.S. Basically ... the program contains EXACTLY What you need to get the girl you always wanted and me guarantee, it will work for you, as it did for so many other men before you. You should plan out the program within the next 60 days any reason didn't like it, just drop me an email and I'll send you no questions asked, pay a full refund and you can Nevertheless keep all 5 bonuses worth € 296.80 for FREE ... just because you tried it ...

So who takes all the risks?

Also read what others have to say:
** (For data protection reasons, only the customer's initials are used here) **

ALL of your materials are great. I use your techniques and they seem to work! I have been friends with this girl for 9 months (very good) and we are totally made for each other, we share the same interests, dislikes, habits, weird ways of thinking and what you can imagine.

Everyone says we are the perfect couple. I also secretly wished for that, but it was clear from the start that she would only treat me like a "brother" and nothing else. Nothing could be more frustrating ... every little trick I've tried so far hasn't worked.

I looked at your program and at first I wasn't convinced it would work. As I went through all the modules, one at a time, following your instructions exactly, I didn't agree, but I continued anyway.

Nothing really happened the first week, but one day, while I was trying your YES method, things started to change. She got angry, excited, I was confused, but soon realized that she was acting weird around me ... she got jealous!

She didn't admit it, but her eyes gave her away! The surprising thing was that her best friend told me that she (the girl I like so much) admitted to her that she was developing "strange" feelings for me! I wouldn't have gotten all of this together so well without your 14-day plan of action. You really changed my life, Simon, thank you very much!

~~ Ewen W, Canberra, Sydney

Hey simon I took your advice, told her straight to her face when she called me and told me about her love problems ... cut everything off and disappeared ... everything you taught me, I followed.

You're right, I've gotten to the point where I almost dropped the whole thing. I wanted to risk it and take our relationship to the 'next level'. Your program made it clear why she only saw and treated me as a friend, where did you learn that ?? !! ..

She begins to change towards me, she is very aware of her in my presence, makes up for who she comes across, becomes cuddly. Acting like someone gave her a love potion or something ... LOL. I don't mean that it looks kind of crazy, or anything LOL, but more in a positive sense! How much has happened in the last 3 weeks! Thank you very much! I couldn't have done this without you.

~~ Kenji W, engineer

Hey Simon,

I've been without a girlfriend for almost 3 years now. I've tried almost everything, attended the latest courses, bought DVDs; most of them were too overstyled and excessive for my taste and I just couldn't get the concepts presented to you! Nothing worked and I was about to spend. Man, that was really frustrating ...!

Your module on attraction gave me the first “aha effect”. It was subconscious that I wasn't trying hard enough. The signals that she wanted more than 'a friend' was exactly what I needed. I've been close to this girl I've known for a while, but wasn't sure if she felt the same way about me.

Testing and applying ideas in bursts instead of throwing them all together at once; these were the wise words I needed.

By using the practices, I feel back on the ground and at the forefront! When I think about how I've wasted the last 3 years acting weird / weird around girls and trying other PUA stuff, but in the end this has the way to you and I'm grateful for that. Hats off boy

Practical, usable and effective. That is what I have to say about this program. I recommend anyone who is seriously interested to experience it and examine it several times. There was always something new to discover. Thank you very much and your newsletters are great, don't stop!

~~ Michael D, Connecticut

Hey dude

You can also count me among your success stories! i did it too! I've known her for almost 5 years now and no 'extras' seemed possible between us. Hey, we grew up together and she really got to know me from my worst side, what else can I say? LOL ... your program hit the spot; That she didn't see anything beyond our "friendship".

I have revised my self-portrayal, my game and habitualized “female language” into a new vocabulary. The change since then has been nothing more than INSANE!

My girl is getting so horny and full of expectation that we fumble at least 4 times a week !!!! I love you man !!

~~ Sonique, Vermont

Dear Simon,

I would like to get to know you personally and thank you personally for all the information you have published in your material. My PC is full of it, and this is obviously the cream on the cake. It doesn't break the bush and goes straight to the point of what I wanted to know, but my 'success' is quite different. The girl who is now MY friend was totally in love with another guy, I tried everything, but she didn't want to.

It tore me to know that she had a crush on a guy who was clearly a worse choice than me.

I have acted like a toddler around her many times when I think about it now, but more importantly, I now have a completely different SELF! Thanks! I owe you one and I can't wait to improve my skills with the help of your materials.

~~ Ryan B, Missouri


Your materials are amazing! Your re-branding technique is UNIQUE, how could I not have recognized it before. I own a number of seduction programs, but your girlfriend-to-lover program is definitely worth it!

You exposed a lot of the things that I got wrong in trying to win them over. What has done the most for me is your daily instructions on how to change things in his favor. I lost all hope when she told me that she just wanted to be friends.

The modules on the 'internal rules of the game' helped me more than I could have imagined before. You're right, it has so much more to do with me as a person than the actual techniques I wanted to learn. Thank you again, I feel revived as I read through your program. It helped me to 'pull myself out of the strings'. And that's why I can tell you such a success story now. It really works!

Starting with the jealousy intensifier, over the reversed roles, the physical conditions up to the "PP" -techniques. Are you sure you are not a WOMAN ... LOL ... ???? !!!

~~ Tom S, Idaho

How are you

Your book on how to take away girlfriends is just amazing! That was exactly what I needed to get her to 'develop feelings for me'. Before that, I practically tried all the tricks I could think of to win her over, and yes, I sleep with her every now and then. I wanted more, I wanted HER FOR ME ONLY, but somehow she always seemed to come back to her boyfriend when he reappeared.

Only after I discovered WHY this is the case, I was able to 'crack the code' and get you to MY site. Overall: excellent book!

~~ Jamie D, designer


I love the videos, it gave me all the information I needed to become the man I need to be. I'm 26, pretty good-looking, good physique, but somehow I never got her to see me as more than a friend.

Left everything aside this time; I kissed her for the first time 5 days ago. She was totally ecstatic and has a fire in her eyes every time she sees me; what a SUPER feeling! And guess what ... about an hour ago she came over and asked me if I wanted to be her boyfriend !!! Can you belive that? SHE ASKED ME! WOW!

Without your help I would never have managed it and everything I have now, I have thanks to you: the super pretty girl. That's why I'm writing this. You can use it. This is the MINIMUM thing I can do for you after all you've done for me. Thanks again, you are really great!

~~ Peter C, Consultant, NY

David Wygant's coaching was worth gold! I think it's great how you structured your techniques: POI, PR, SP, E2, etc ... you know what you're talking about, Simon, I was wondering if you weren't really a WOMAN and only used the name as an alias ... LOL ... So, are you a woman ??

Anyway, the material is unique. I would HIGHLY recommend this to anyone in a girlfriend situation!

~~ Phizzy P, Realtor, Manhattan

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