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Boarding school in England: if you already know what you want, do the English A-levels

The A-levels in England are comparable to the advanced courses in our upper level. As a rule, one takes four subjects in the year before last and only three subjects in the last year.

Why so few? The English system wants to develop strengths, not to labor on deficits. And you rarely have strengths in twelve subjects. A boarding school in England is therefore very accommodating to students who are particularly talented in one area. And the same applies to those who know at an early stage which profession or which degree they will one day embark on.

Example of medical studies:

For example, if you already know exactly at the age of 16 that you want to study medicine, the A-levels can be an excellent preparation for your studies. You then take biology, chemistry and math.

In the second A-level year, the courses are already at university level. And the big hurdle for most medical students, namely biochemistry, you have already done at school. What hardly anyone in Germany knows, the A-levels are recognized as access authorization for medical studies here in Germany as well.

Focus on strengths

And the A-levels also offer a fair chance to those who want to finally say goodbye to subjects that are not theirs at all while they are still at school. If a passionate scientist has concentrated on the A-levels in boarding school in England, then he no longer has to grapple with poetry interpretations. And those who love literature are no longer treated with higher mathematics or physical formulas. The educational background is simple: focus on your strengths.

Recognition at German universities is given

What German students have to consider: the A-levels are recognized in Germany as so-called subject-related higher education entrance qualifications (not to be confused with the technical college entrance qualification). This means that it is possible to study at a German university. You only have one restriction in your choice of subjects, depending on which A-level subjects you took at boarding school in England.

Because this is an unusual path for us Germans and our school tradition, many parents have great doubts when they want to go to A-levels. But they can be very useful in certain cases. In other cases they are forbidden.

We will advise you on this

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