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The study information for Baden-Württemberg

If you would like to teach at a general high school or with general subjects at a vocational school in the future, you should first study at one of the state universities.


Course structure Study locations:all nine state universities in Baden-Württemberg, plus the art and music colleges and the Heidelberg University for Jewish Studies.

Duration of training:10 semesters standard period of study (of which 6 semesters bachelor’s course, 4 semesters master’s course), 12 semesters standard course period (including 8 semesters bachelor’s course, 4 semesters master’s course) in subject connections with music or art; 18 months of preparatory service at a public school after completing the master’s degree.

Internships during your studies:Accompanied orientation internship (3 weeks) in the bachelor’s course, school internship semester (12 weeks) at general high schools and at vocational schools in Baden-Württemberg in a WS of the master’s course.
A comparable other school practice as a foreign language assistant, in a German school abroad or in a preparatory service from another teaching post can be recognized by the university on request as a substitute for a maximum of eight weeks of the school internship semester. The last four weeks of the internship semester must be completed at a high school in Baden-Württemberg.


Subjects and subject combinations:The course comprises two subjects, educational science and practical school studies. Educational sciences include educational science, psychology, and sociology. Subjects and subject didactics (subjects) are:

  • Visual arts
  • biology
  • chemistry
  • Chinese
  • German with German as a second language
  • English
  • Evangelical theology
  • French
  • geography
  • history
  • Greek
  • Computer science
  • Italian
  • Islamic religious teaching
  • Jewish religious teaching
  • Catholic theology
  • Latin
  • mathematics
  • music
  • Science and Technology (NwT)
  • Philosophy / ethics
  • physics
  • Political science
  • Russian
  • Spanish
  • Sports
  • Economics.


Note:Please note that the grammar school teacher training course is structured differently at each university. Therefore, please inform yourself at the respective university.

Who will help me with questions?

  • Further details can be found in the information sheet "Career goal teacher - teaching post at grammar schools" from the Ministry of Culture, Youth and Sport.
  • The Ministry of Culture, Youth and Sport provides information on employment opportunities for the public school service in Baden-Württemberg.
  • You can find out which subject combinations are offered at the respective universities and how well this combination can be studied directly from the universities (e.g. Central Student Advisory Service).