What is my real skin tone

Slapp: This make-up app is a real game changer!

The beauty app market has a lot to offer. Much of this, however, promises more than can be expected in reality. Finding the perfect nude lipstick to match your skin tone, the perfect highlighter that doesn't leave any flashes of glitter on your skin? Even with make-up apps a thing of the impossibility, the only thing that remained so far was the walk from beauty counter to beauty counter. The Foundation Purchase? A particularly sensitive subject.
So we were particularly surprised and curious when we came from,Slapp ‘ heard a free "Foundation matching app“Including the shop.

It's that easy to get your perfect foundation

The way the app works is very simple. You invite Selfie from you up and the app matches you with suitable products from High-end brands like Charlotte Tilbury, Estee Lauder and Too Faced. So that the matches really hit your exact skin tone, you can select areas in the photo that match your skin tone the most.
Of course we lost one Self test Don't miss out and have to find out: The app actually brings you together with products that don't end up in the 'products-when-I'm-tanned' box under the bed after the first test. Best of all: the app is completely free!

You can Slapp for Android and Apple for free here download.