How does the eating of camel meat break wudhu

The things that invalidate the ablution

Praise be to Allah ..

One of the things that invalidate the ablution is not changing clothes when the person is (still) in the clean state and nothing has been done to invalidate the ablution. Men and women are equal in this regard. And Allah knows best.

The things that invalidate the ablution are:

1. Everything that comes out of both body exits (urine, stool, air, etc.). The exception to this is the air that comes out of the vagina, as this does not invalidate the ablution.

2. When urine and stool come out of other opening.

3. The disappearance of the mind. It does this by either losing it completely and going insane, or by covering it up / veiled for a reason that requires it for a period of time, like sleep, fainting, drunkenness, etc.

4. Touching the limb. Because in the Hadith of Busra Bint Safwan it is written that she heard the Messenger of Allah - peace and blessings of Allah be upon him - say: "Whoever touches his limb should perform the ablution (new)."

Narrated from Abu Dawud (At-Tahara / 154). Al-Albaani said in "Saheeh Sunan Abi Dawud," No. 166: "Authentic."

5. Eating camel meat. Because in the hadith of Jabir Ibn Samur it is written that a man asked the Prophet - peace and blessings of Allah be upon him -: "Shall we perform ablution after eating camel meat?" He replied: "Yes."

Narrated by Muslim (Al-Haid / 539). It should also be noted that touching a woman's body does not invalidate ablution, whether it is done with lust or not, except if something leaks as a result of that touch.

See in the book "Ash-Sharh Al-Mumti '" by Ibn' Uthaimin, Chapter 1, pp. 219-250.

And the Fatawa of the Standing Committee, Chapter 5, p. 264.