Which language courses are required for Germany

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Learn German in Germany - with an intensive language course you can build up your language skills in Germany for up to a year.

The legal basis for this is Section 16f (1) of the Residence Act.


The information on this page only applies to language courses with a planned duration of stay of more than 90 days and not for preparatory language courses.

Appointments for the visa application

Please first put together all the documents for the visa application and then book an appointment for the personal interview at the visa section in the appropriate category using our appointment system. Appointments for visa applications for the intensive language course are usually available at short notice.

Personal application: Required documents

Please create an electronic visa application, print it out twice and bring the printouts with you to your appointment at the embassy.

In addition, we need the following documents from you on the day of the personal interview at the visa section:

Please note: All documents must be translated into German and presented in the original and two copies.

  • 3 biometric passport photos (younger than six months)
  • Passport (valid for at least six months)
  • Family certificate (less than six months)
  • Registration for an intensive language course in Germany with at least 18 lessons per week and usually daily lessons. The registration must also contain the following information:
    • In what period and where does the language course take place?
    • How high are the costs?
    • According to the Common European Framework of Reference, which language level should the course achieve?
  • Proof of payment of the course fee
  • a tabular curriculum vitae about your career to date. If necessary, please enclose certificates, diplomas or evidence of previously acquired knowledge of the German language.
  • Letter of motivation: The letter should provide information about why you would like to complete the intensive language course in Germany and what plans you are pursuing after the language course.
  • A declaration of commitment. The original must be available on an official form and contain the following points:
    • Duration of your planned stay
    • Indication of the purpose of the intensive language course
    • the issuing authority has stated that the financial capacity of the undertaking must be proven. The option "credibly" cannot be accepted.
  • Alternative to the declaration of commitment: A blocked account for the duration of the planned stay. In this case, please note the proof of the cost of living in Germany.
  • Travel health insurance (INCOMING), valid for the duration of the stay, up to a maximum of 12 months.

Additional documents not mentioned here can be requested from the embassy in individual cases when applying or during the visa process.

Processing time after submitting the application in person

The processing times are very different, as domestic German authorities have to be involved in the course of the procedure. As a rule, a processing time of a total of 6 to 8 weeks must be expected, but in some cases it can take longer.

Return of the documents

For the return of the passports, the embassy worked with the courier company DHL, which offers its services in the embassy waiting rooms.

Please buy a prepaid and pre-addressed envelope there on the day you submit your application and hand it in with your application at the visa section.

As soon as your visa application has been processed, the embassy will hand over the envelope with your passport and any other documents to DHL for delivery. You can use the tracking code that you received from DHL when you purchased the envelope to check at any time whether the embassy has already handed the envelope over to DHL.

Frequently asked questions about language courses

Do I need German language skills?

Knowledge of the German language is not a mandatory requirement for issuing a visa for the language course. As proof of the plausibility of the language course participation in Germany, it is advisable to prove at least basic German language skills at A1 or A2 language level of the Common European Framework of Reference by means of recognized language certificates (Goethe Institute, ÖSD).

Can I work with the language course visa?

No, employment in addition to the language course is generally not permitted, the stay is solely aimed at acquiring extensive knowledge of the German language. Exceptions are possible during the holiday periods of the language course. You have to coordinate this with the responsible immigration authority after entering the country.

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