What is Tabata How effective is it

Hard but effective: that's behind the Tabata training trend

Short training units with high loads, followed by short breaks - HIT or HIIT (High Intensity Interval Training) has become an integral part of the fitness world. A variant of interval training is Tabata. Tabata is originally from Japan and takes just four minutes! That's right: In just four minutes you can burn fat quickly and easily and build muscle effectively.

4 minutes of full power: the big Tabata special

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In a nutshell: This is how the Tabata training works

In Tabata training, phases of high intensity sport alternate with shorter recovery phases. This is usually done in a ratio of 2: 1. In concrete terms: You exhaust yourself for 20 seconds and then have a ten-second break. The Tabata training consists of a total of eight intervals - that doesn't sound like much at first, but the workout has it all! Because the quick change really boosts fat burning in the body, so that the pounds just melt away. At the same time, Tabata improves physical endurance.

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Why is Tabata Training So Effective?

Because the body is so stressed during the four minutes of Tabata exercise, such a workout burns much more fat than a normal exercise. And best of all: Thanks to the afterburn effect, a lot of energy is burned even after training (up to 24 hours).

The intensive interval units stress the entire cardiovascular system, improve the maximum oxygen uptake in the muscles and ensure overall higher performance. Tabata is also super versatile: In the four minutes you can do different exercises for different muscle groups. The training is perfect for everyone who is heavily involved in work and leisure and has little time in everyday life for sports. After all, even the greatest workaholics have four minutes for a tight workout.

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4-Minute Power Workout: This is how the Tabata workout works

The great thing: In principle, you can do the Tabata training with a wide variety of fitness exercises. Crunches, sprints, pushups, lunges, jumping jacks, squats and so-called mountaineers are popular. Exercises that use not just one muscle group but as many as possible are particularly suitable. The afterburn effect is greater and the result more effective.

Sprint intervals are particularly suitable for increasing endurance. Jumping rope, burpees or split jumps are great for stimulating the metabolism and effectively reducing fat and those who want to build muscle should go for crunches, 'plank to push' exercises and triceps push-ups. Incidentally, you will achieve the greatest training effect if you can do around eleven to 15 repetitions in the 20-second exercise phase.

If you like, you can also add dumbbells, kettlebells or TRX straps to your Tabata training and thus make the workout even more intense. Before starting the Tabata, it is important that you warm up well, as the training is extremely strenuous. A warm-up of around five to ten minutes should definitely be included.

You should pay attention to this during Tabata training

Increase slowly

Tabata is basically suitable for everyone. Sports beginners should, however, start with less intensive training in order to slowly get the body used to interval training.

Stop time

In Tabata training it is important to strictly adhere to the different phases. Since the workout is extremely strenuous, it is very difficult to count the seconds in your head or even to estimate the time correctly. If you prefer to stop the phases with a clock, it becomes even easier with a Tabata app.

Tabata in the morning

If you do sports right after getting up before breakfast, you will burn calories throughout the day. In addition, the morning workout gets the metabolism going. However, if another workout is due on the same day, the intensive Tabata workout should be done in the late evening, as you simply lack the strength for further exertion.

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Who is Tabata for?

Whether you are a fitness beginner or a sports professional - Tabata training is basically suitable for every fitness level. However, people with joint problems, diseases of the heart or spinal problems should speak to a doctor beforehand.

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