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A mad genius: 12 facts about Ken Jeong

Ken Jeong became world-famous as the crazy gangster Mr. Chow in the "Hangover" trilogy. Most of his roles are pretty wacky. Is the man really that crazy? We put the American with Korean roots under the microscope in 12 facts and find: yes and no :)

Ken Jeong is THE man for shrill characters: As Mr. Chow he jumped naked out of a trunk in "Hangover" and as a fake Spanish teacher Señor Chang he terrorized his students in the comedy series "Community". In the action comedy THE NEXT DOOR SPY, Ken Jeong plays a CIA boss who has to deal with the runaway Dave Bautista.


We introduce you to the people behind the crazy genius in 12 facts.

Fact # 1: Ken Jeong aka "Dr. Ken "isn't just a TV doctor

Before Ken Jeong plunged into show business, he practiced as an internist in a clinic in New Orleans for seven years. The doctor, who graduated from high school at the age of 16, prefers to combine his specialist knowledge with his roles. With his series “Dr. Ken "A dream came true for him in 2015. In it he plays a frustrated doctor who has to balance career and family.

Fact # 2: Ken Jeong was the needle in the haystack

The role that made Ken Jeong break through in the film business was thanks to Judd Apatow. For his comedy “The First Time”, the director really wanted an Asian actor who had a sound medical knowledge. It had to be funny too, of course. Fortunately, Ken Jeong fulfilled these rather special ideas perfectly. Jeong took an extra week off to play the role, as he was still practicing as a doctor at the time.

Fact # 3: Ken Jeong can't help it

Ken Jeong is passionate about his patients and although he understandably no longer treats patients today, he renews his license every year. You never know. Whenever he can, he combines his appearances as a comedian with his medical profession and answers medical questions from viewers. Whether on Twitter or on James Corden's "Late Late Show", Jeong has great fun playing doctor every now and then in real life.


Fact # 4: Ken Jeong Saved a Woman

Fortunately, Ken Jeong continues to keep fit with his medical knowledge. So he saved a woman at one of his live shows who had a seizure during his performance. In the middle of his show, he stormed off the stage, gave first aid until the paramedics could take her to the hospital, and then went on with the show. Cool guy!

Fact # 5: Ken Jeong married a joker

Before filming "Hangover", Ken asked his wife what she thought of the idea of ​​letting Mr. Chow jump out of the trunk completely naked and she was thrilled:

"This is going to be the Feel Good movie of the summer because every guy is going to walk out of the cinema and feel great."

She alludes to the size of her husband's best piece. Its size does not seem to provide any reason for penis envy.


His wife's humor was one of the reasons the two of them sparked off.

Fact # 6: Ken Jeong is a real romantic

When it comes to the love of his life, Ken Jeong gets really creative. When he was on camera for "Hangover," his wife was undergoing chemotherapy for her breast cancer. While filming, he found a way to send her what he calls the "strangest love letter": he cheated little inside jokes in Vietnamese into his dialogues to make his Vietnamese wife laugh. That must be true love!

Fact # 7: Ken Jeong can also be very different

Ken Jeong loves to make people laugh. But his characters also often have a dark, rather nasty streak.


As a clinician, Ken Jeong was far from funny.

“As a doctor, I never let out my humor. It was very important to me not to be Patch Adams. I was dead serious, I even ordered the nurses around in the tone of command. I was hardcore. I really wanted to do my job right because I worked hard to be a doctor. "

Fact # 8: Ken Jeong was involved in a murder trial

Ken Jeong was once called to serve on the jury on a murder trial. During the trial, however, the defendant recognized him as Mr. Chow from the "Hangover" films. As a result, Jeong had to give up this position.

Fact # 9: Maya the Bee is his biggest nightmare

If there is one thing Ken Jeong doesn't like, it is bees and snakes. He's terrified of both.

Fact # 10: Ken Jeong has the flow

In James Corden's rap battle "Drop the Mic", the 1.65m tall comedian competed against former NBA star Shaquille O'Neal. Believe it or not, the 2.16m tall Titan didn't stand a chance against the slender Ken Jeong. And that although O'Neal has already worked with rap greats such as The Notorious B.I.G., Jay-Z and RZA and has successfully sold albums himself as a rapper. In the video you can check out Ken Jeong's amazing rap skills.


Fact # 11: Ken Jeong has the voice

But Ken Jeong can not only rap, he can also sing really well. With his comedy colleague Mike O'Connell, he founded the duo "Million Dollar Strong". Your song "What's It Gonna Be?" went viral in the US. That was certainly also due to Ken Jeong's impressive falsetto. And on his sexy jumpsuit ...


Fact # 12: Ken Jeong has the moves

Should Ken Jeong's acting career stall, which it doesn't look like, he can still earn his living as a doctor, rapper or singer ... or as a dancer. Because of course he can dance too.


Did his co-star Dave Bautista get tips from him for his appearance in THE NEXT DOOR?

Anyway, Dave Bautista as a tough CIA agent in the action comedy THE NEXT-DOOR SPY should have listened to his boss Ken Jeong and not blow everything and everyone up during his missions.

What happens when the crazy doctor and the gruff ex-wrestler meet, you can now watch on DVD, Blu-ray and digitally in THE SPY NEXT DOOR!

See it online now

There's a little foretaste in the trailer for the film.

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