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Josefine Lietzau
Expert for banking and credit as of April 19, 2021

Josefine Lietzau

Josefine Lietzau is an editor in the Bank & Investments team. During her studies in German and English, she worked for the editorial offices of the Green League, the Jüdische Zeitung and the Superillu. After completing her master's degree, Josefine Lietzau completed an internship at the online consumer portals Banktip and Posttip, where she then worked as an editor.

  • You will usually not find the best services at the most favorable conditions for current accounts, overnight money and custody accounts at one and the same bank.
  • If you are ready to make compromises, you can still merge the most important banking products with one provider.
  • Decide whether you prefer to conclude a contract with the best provider for every offer or whether you want to bundle the individual products.
  • If you always want the best offer, you have to compare the individual products: The Finanztip checking account calculator shows you good checking accounts; The best ways to invest money at short notice are shown by the financial tip calculators for overnight money and fixed-term deposits. We have also tested credit cards and deposits for you.
  • If you want to bundle the products, you should think about what you absolutely want to have with the same bank, for example current account and deposit.

You open the checking account with one bank, the credit card comes from another, and you manage your deposit with a broker: this is how you get to them cheapest and strongest contracts. However, you are missing a current and clear one Complete view. Finanztip has therefore selected good combination solutions for you, which you can find at the end of the text.

Which banks are the best for checking accounts and credit cards?

With a current account and credit card you can handle your everyday financial life: transfer, pay, withdraw money - this would not be possible without an account and card. Finanztip took a close look at both products.

The current accounts of DKB and ING are particularly recommendable from our point of view. In the table we show you how we come to this assessment by comparing it with two other offers.

Bank comparison checking account

free account managementYesfrom 700 € receipt of moneyfrom 700 € receipt of moneyfrom 700 € receipt of money
Girocard included for freeYesYesYesNo
withdraw for freeat all ATMs:
Euro zone / from € 700 incoming payments also worldwide
at all ATMs:

Germany: Cash group machines with

Girocard, 3 times a month worldwide with the Visa card

at all ATMs:

Source: Finanztip research (as of April 2021)

It is relevant for us that you get a free Girocard with your account, as Mastercard and Visa cards are still not accepted everywhere. In addition, when withdrawing money in Germany, you should not be tied to a machine network and you should be able to withdraw free of charge as often as you want. Withdrawals in the eurozone should also be free. In these and other points, DKB and ING are ahead.

You can read details about the accounts in the current account guide, with the current account calculator you can find other suitable accounts. You can read how to switch accounts and what help you can expect from your bank in the account switch guide.

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In our credit card test, the following cards, each with different direct debit options, performed particularly well:

Bank comparison credit card

monthly debits


optional installment payment

Hanseatic BankBarclaycardPayback

prompt debiting


Source: Finanztip research (as of April 2021)

At the DKB and Bitwala you have to open a current account in order to receive the credit card.

The cards from Hanseatic Bank, Barclaycard and Payback are so-called revolving cards. This means that you can either pay off your debts in high-interest installments or completely. Such a card holds a larger one compared to others Cost and Debt Risk'You have to be disciplined when paying back. If you - as with our recommendations - can switch off the installment option, do that too.

The DKB offers a charge card. The credit card debt is debited collectively once a month.

The Bitwala card is a debit card. With such cards it will Money debited directlySo they are not real credit cards. This can cause problems when booking hotels and rental cars.

With the recommended cards you can withdraw money worldwide for free. At the DKB, however, this only works if the account regularly receives 700 euros.

In the guide to free credit cards you will find out what else you should pay attention to when choosing a credit card.

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Which bank is the best for investing?

In addition to the everyday banking business, investing money is a crucial point in your finances. With overnight money and fixed-term deposits you invest your money for a short time, for longer investment periods it is best to use ETFs.

Daily money is subject to variable interest, the providers can lower the interest at any time. In addition, customers who open a call money account with the bank for the first time receive it from some providers better interest rates. With fixed-term deposits, you invest your money for a certain period of time, the interest does not change.

Interest and the security of the provider should be important for you with overnight money and fixed-term deposits. Therefore, you will usually do better if you get good offers via the Finanztip daily money calculator and the Finanztip fixed deposit calculator instead of several Products at same Combine providers.

The situation is different if you only use the overnight money to separate part of the credit that you use every day. Then the interest rate plays less of a role, but security remains important.

Of course, we have also tested offers for financial investments in the long term: Depots that you can use to invest in ETFs.

Bank comparison online depot

cheap depotsScalable Capital
(Free Broker)
Smart brokerTrade Republic 
cheap and versatile depotsINGDKBComdirectConsorsbank

Source: Finanztip research (as of March 2021)

With cheap equity index funds (ETFs) you can save in the long term, for example for your retirement provision. For this, however, you need a securities account.

Scalable Capital, Smartbroker, and Trade Republic offer the cheapest depots at. However, you cannot do your everyday banking business with such a broker.

The costs of buying securities at ING, DKB, Comdirect and Consorsbank are quite low compared to those of other commercial banks. In addition, these direct banks also offer good or solid offers for checking accounts and credit cards.

Where can you find the cheapest loan?

The terms of a loan or a home loan depend on yours Creditworthiness from. The more the bank assesses your creditworthiness, the cheaper the financing. However, the banks assess risks differently. In addition, the loans differ greatly in terms of interest rates and flexibility. That means: If you take out the contract with the wrong provider, it can be expensive.

We therefore recommend the offers for a loan or a home loan to compare very many banks and only accept the best individual offer. Use online portals for loan comparisons and specialized loan intermediaries for mortgage lending.

Recommendations for loans and mortgage lending

Portals for the

Credit comparison

VerivoxCheck24Financial checkSmava

Credit intermediary

for mortgage lending

Dr. SmallInterhypPlanethome 

Source: Finanztip research (as of March 2021 for loans, March 2017 for mortgage lending)

The best way to compare loans and mortgage lending is explained in detail in the installment loan and mortgage lending guide.

Which bank is the best?

The one "best bank“There is no such thing as the one that always delivers the best offer for all products. But there are banks where you can do a lot of your banking without paying excessive fees.

Bundling banking products with one provider works very well if you concentrate on the most important products (checking account, credit card and deposit). You usually have to be willing to cut back on the conditions, but you can still find a solid or even good offer.

When comparing banks, the Comdirect and the DKB stand out in particular.

Good banks

 checking accountCredit carddepot
DKB (with regular receipt of money)good overall packageFinancial tip recommendationFinancial tip recommendation
INGgood overall packageno financial tip recommendation, free withdrawals in the euro zoneFinancial tip recommendation

Source: Finanztip research (as of April 2021 for credit cards and current accounts, March 2021 for online custody accounts)

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  • With the right checking account, you can save on fees and get good benefits.
  • Good accounts: DKB, ING

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  • With inexpensive ETFs, you can easily build wealth.
  • Our ETF recommendations forMSCI World-ETFs: iShares (ISIN: IE00B4L5Y983), Xtrackers (ISIN: IE00BJ0KDQ92) and Source (ISIN: IE00B60SX394); ForMSCI-All-Countries-World-ETFs: SPDR (ISIN: IE00B44Z5B48) and iShares (ISIN: IE00B6R52259)

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  • With loans, you can reduce the costs by comparing interest rates on portals.
  • Our provider recommendation: Verivox, Check24

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Josefine Lietzau

Josefine Lietzau

Josefine Lietzau is an editor in the Bank & Investments team. During her studies in German and English, she worked for the editorial offices of the Green League, the Jüdische Zeitung and the Superillu. After completing her master's degree, Josefine Lietzau completed an internship at the online consumer portals Banktip and Posttip, where she then worked as an editor.

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