What does extremism mean

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This term has Latin roots and means something that goes beyond the normal, something that is extraordinary. In political parlance, one speaks of extremists, extremist groups or extremist parties when ideas are represented or actions are committed that are outside of the generally accepted rules. Extremism can have different goals. However, it is almost always associated with a willingness to fight the existing political order with violence.

Right-wing extremists as well as left-wing extremists reject the democratic state, they want to change it with violence. People who think differently are fought. For right-wing extremists, the idea of ​​the "people" is paramount. Right-wing extremists have no sympathy for foreigners. Left-wing extremists advocate a communist or socialist society. They too do not tolerate other opinions. In both cases, the extremists want to change the existing political situation in such a way that democracy falls.

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