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Pomegranate Proven Effect - Antiaging Compound Passes Human Trial

From the age of 50, our skeletal muscles begin to lose strength and mass. This is a well known medical fact. While no one has found a real fountain of youth, Swiss researchers at EPFL (Swiss Federal Institute of Technology in Lausanne) and the Swiss Institute for Bioinformatics seem to have come one step closer with the discovery of an alternative means of slowing down the aging process. Urolithin A (UA) is the name of this compound with an anti-aging effect and is mainly obtained from the fruit of pomegranate. So pomegranate effect is finally scientifically proven? We take a look at this antiaging compound.

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Pomegranate proven effect - this is how the new anti-aging method works

A recent study published in the journal Nature Metabolism shows the promising properties of the UA compound. While it cannot stop the aging process entirely, there is hope that it will at least slow it down significantly.

The compound actually improves the functioning of the mitochondria. These are small organelles that float freely through our cells to provide them with energy. As we age, our bodies naturally lose their ability to expel dysfunctional mitochondria, resulting in tissue weakening and skeletal muscle loss.

Mitochondria provide our cells with metabolic energy

Pomegranate effects do not end here - the healthy fruit also strengthens your immunity and is known as a miracle cure for numerous diseases

This is how Swiss scientists tested the UA connection

For their study, researchers tested the UA connection on 60 seniors who all lived in good health but led a sedentary lifestyle. The participants in the human experiment were divided into four groups. One group received only one placebo, the other doses of UA in amounts of 250 mg, 500 mg or 1,000 mg. The experiment lasted for 28 days.

In the end, the results showed that the UA connection stimulates a process by which the body increases its mitochondrial mass in the same way as it does with regular exercise. The study also showed that UA ingestion posed no risk to human health. In the near future, would this pomegranate effect allow us to laze around all day and still look healthy and young? Sounds like a fantasy, but it could become a reality in the next few months.

Despite the healthy benefits of the UA connection, you should get plenty of exercise

Pomegranates lower cholesterol and blood pressure

After all, this is just the latest study showing the potential benefits and health benefits of the UA compound. Previous studies have shown that it can extend the lifespan of certain worms by 45%. Older mice also showed a 40% improvement in endurance after only two weeks of treatment. So we are eagerly awaiting the results of further experiments and recommend that you eat more pomegranate in the meantime.

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