Becomes Facebook OpenSource DeepText

Without machine learning, there is no optimal personalization

For many years the topic of artificial intelligence - and machine learning as one of the sub-areas - withered in an academic niche. Today that has changed. The reasons for this are easily accessible and flexible computing power from the cloud as well as huge amounts of data as starting material for model development and the determination of patterns and regularities in the data. Last but not least, tools and frameworks available as open source, such as Amazon DSSTNE, Facebook DeepText or Google TensorFlow, have significantly advanced the spread of machine learning and its practical use. Machine learning is already used in many application scenarios: intelligent software controls driverless cars, identifies people in photos and finds patterns in huge amounts of data. For Acquia, machine learning is not a hype topic exclusively for pure internet companies, but it provides extremely powerful tools for increasing the competitiveness and profitability of many companies. The raw material with which the machine learning algorithms are "fed" is created at the multitude of offline and online customer touchpoints and therefore wherever prospective customers and customers come into contact with a company and its products and services - be it before, during or after a purchase transaction. As there are more and more customer touchpoints, more and more data is created. The challenge is to analyze the data, to interpret it correctly and to use it promptly for customer interaction - for example in marketing, sales or the preparation and delivery of personalized content. "The strength of machine learning lies in areas such as classification, sentiment analysis or content-based similarity searches. This opens up huge potential for companies to use proven processes and thus the efficiency of existing solutions for the continuous refinement of 360-degree user profiles to significantly increase omnichannel personalization and optimization of the user experience, "says Susanne Böck, Field Marketing Manager Central Europe at Acquia in Munich. "Open source tools can be easily combined with open source-based content management systems such as Drupal. In addition, open source tools drive innovations quickly thanks to the enormous commitment of the community - and all users benefit from this."