Why can't I forget my ex 1

Can't forget Ex after 5 years

Hello dear people,

I would never have thought to write in a forum, but I still hope for different opinions and possibly advice on my situation.

I'll just start over. If it is important: I am same-sex

6 years ago I met my girlfriend at the time, who still takes my breath away to this day. We were together for almost a year, then it was over because their feelings were no longer enough. After that I was totally exhausted for 2 years. During that time I tried to get in touch a couple of times, but she didn't want to.

But now I have a new relationship with a really fantastic woman, meanwhile we have been together for almost 3 years.

A few months ago my ex wrote to me from back then. I admit: everyone, really every day, I thought of you and just always hoped that she would be fine. I fell from the clouds when she wrote to me. At first it was just small talk: what are you doing, how are you ... etc. Then it got a little more intimate. Although I have to say that we write a lot sometimes, but then she doesn't answer until days later or I write something new so that another answer comes from her. Bad right? I told her one evening that she would always be special to me and that I would never care about her. Soe then wrote it would be the same with her. On another evening she had apparently been drinking, there were kissing smileys and she said "It's a shame that our train has apparently left"

Well, we actually met last Friday. All just amicable, of course. And we got along really well! They were on the same wavelength, as always, and looked us in the eyes many times. There was a big hug to say goodbye.

We haven't written much since then, only that we were very happy to see them again.

I feel guilty about my current girlfriend. She is actually perfect and she loves me unconditionally! And yet I always have my ex in the back of my mind. I also know that I would leave my girlfriend for her. Please don't judge me for that, I just can't do anything about it. I am now also convinced that I have to break up, because my thoughts only revolve around my ex, who is usually so on the friendship line that I could despair. My current girlfriend doesn't deserve to be second choice in my mind for months. Even if it's hard to part.

I have loved this woman for 6 years and have the assumption that I have just successfully suppressed these feelings during the current relationship.

What do you all mean? What should I do?

Break up and break everything off again with the ex?

Greetings and thanks for reading!


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