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NoSQL database Couchbase launches fully managed cloud service

The Couchbase development team is adding a cloud-native Database as a Service (DBaaS) called Couchbase Cloud to the NoSQL data platform. The managed service based on the Couchbase server is now available to users and developers as an alternative to the previously possible cloud deployments of the NoSQL database - but for the time being only for test purposes as part of a beta phase.

Hybrid and multi-cloud database service

Couchbase is responding to customer demand for a flexibly usable hybrid and multi-cloud-capable database service that combines security with high availability, according to the announcement by the responsible product manager Scott Anderson. When implementing the DBaaS, the Couchbase developers were faced with the fundamental decision to place the database on the Couchbase server in their "own" public cloud infrastructure or in the one preferred by the customer. Couchbase opted for the latter option, both for economic reasons (TCO) and with a view to deeper integration into the customer's existing IaaS.

In the customer's public cloud infrastructure

Hosting Couchbase Cloud in the customer's public cloud infrastructure makes it easier to integrate the NoSQL database into existing application scenarios and security processes. DBaaS users retain full control over their data, while Couchbase takes on all operational tasks for uninterrupted operation, monitoring and the configuration of the cloud service. When designing new database applications, developers have a unified management console that integrates best practices to ensure availability, security, and reliability.

The blog post on the announcement summarizes the most important details about Couchbase Cloud. Anyone interested in participating in the beta phase can register with Couchbase with immediate effect. (map)

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