What are the benefits of remote access

Remote access

All functions included. No credit card required.

The benefits of accessing computers remotely with Mikogo:
  • Remote access to both Windows and Mac computers
  • No installation or configuration on the remote computer
  • Very high security through 256-bit AES encryption

"With Mikogo we can provide optimal support without having to travel for each more complex request."

Head of Marketing / Sales, INFOsys Kommunal GmbH

Remote access, easy and quick

Remote access (sometimes also: remote access) is the ability to use one PC to access another PC that is located at a remote location. It is therefore a form of an online meeting in which the presenting PC can be controlled remotely. The necessary connection to this computer can be made via several different types getting produced. In many cases, you connect to the remote PC via the Internet. It is also possible to establish a direct connection to this PC. A suitable remote control software and the necessary password are always required for the connection.

Remote access for remote maintenance

Remote access is often used to maintain a computer. For example, a help desk technician can install new software for a customer from 500 km away. This of course saves a lot of time and money. Just imagine how long the technician would have to sit in the car to get to the customer. In addition, there are the travel expenses and the time that the customer loses because he can no longer work until the IT support employee has solved the problem.
Other things, such as problems with checking e-mails, can also be resolved quickly and inexpensively.
The procedure is very easy. Technical support will be notified by phone or email. Within a few minutes, the technician can access the device via the Internet or the direct connection. This is made possible by the installed remote desktop software. Thanks to desktop sharing, the technician can now see practically exactly what he would see if he were sitting at the customer's home.
He can now make changes in the control panel or change the settings in the e-mail program. He can even check registry entries. Should it be necessary to install a new hardware component such as a printer or scanner, he can give the customer instructions by means of a simultaneous conference call as to where to connect the new component. The specialist takes care of the rest of the installation.

Forgotten files remotely

Who hasn't had it already that they created the painstakingly created Powerpoint presentation or an important document on the PC and then forgot to copy the file to the notebook or memory stick?
With remote access it is possible within a few minutes in a one-way NetMeetingaccess your PC at home and copy all necessary files by remote control. The only prerequisite for this is that the PC must be switched on, a connection to it can be established and the appropriate remote maintenance software installed.
The possibility of accessing one's own PC from a remote location via remote access is increasingly used because it enables the user to have constant access to his documents, files, images, etc. A password and an encrypted connection protect your own documents from uninvited guests.