What are different types of clippings

Round neckline or V-neck

"Which shape fits which type"

Have you ever wondered whether you should choose a top with a round neckline or a V-neckline, and what ultimately makes the visual difference? Today's post is all about the different types of clippings. We clarify which proportions go best with which style, and how you can combine the different looks and integrate them into your outfit.

Small fashion detail with a big impact

The neckline of a top is more than just an indispensable element of the pattern. The design aspect is just as important as the obvious, practical function.

The fact that we differentiate between V and round necklines and several different variations in outerwear for men and women is a decisive indication that the design element plays an important role in the look of an item of clothing - and thus also in our outfit.

In our post you can find out more about the effect of different cutouts. We also explain how you can combine which look appropriately - for modern, sporty as well as stylish casual and business casual looks.

The looks of our fashion

We know V-necklines and round necklines primarily from T-shirts, tank tops and uncomplicated longsleeves. Sweaters and tank tops also differentiate between round necks and V. Women also have the choice between the different collar shapes for blouses, tunics and dresses. The different looks bring variety to the outfit.

The visual appearance of different sections

In fact, your visual appearance can be influenced depending on whether you opt for a round neckline or a V-neckline. For example, if you want to visualize the following thoughts, you can think of a classical bust. In your thought experiment, vary the shape of the upper body section from straight horizontal to tapering downwards. Instead, you can also take your own shirts or sweaters with different necklines and try them out in front of the mirror and compare them. It is usually quite easy to see that the different cutouts have an effect on the optical length of your neck in particular.

Compared to a typical round neckline, the V-neck has a stretching and narrowing effect. Generally, a narrow, long neck is considered attractive. So if you have a strong and / or very short neck, a V-neck top can help to counteract this look. If you naturally have a particularly long or very narrow neck, a round neckline can prove to be advantageous. This centers and visually strengthens the stature of this area of ​​the body. The width or depth of the respective section can also make a significant difference in your overall appearance. A wide neckline - whether for women or men - always looks a bit bold, for example, as it naturally shows more skin.

Cutouts that are particularly deep can also be uncomfortably irritating to different people. If you have a preference for large sections, it may be worthwhile to consider beforehand whether a deep insight is appropriate for the occasion. Sometimes more (material) is simply more.

Which neckline under shirt and blouse?

If you want to wear a shirt with or without sleeves under a shirt or blouse, the right neckline plays a more important role than most people would initially assume. Because especially when everyday work or a special occasion is relaxed or the temperatures are quite high, the tie is often loosened and one or the other shirt or blouse button is opened.

If you are now wearing a T-shirt with a round neckline close to the neck, this will be visible. In combination with a shirt or blouse made of fine thread, the rather casual look of the T-shirt seems inappropriate. Accordingly, it is advisable to choose a shirt with a wide round neck or a V-neck with an outfit that should appear particularly elegant. Try it at home! If you can open a button or two on your blouse or shirt without seeing the undershirt or t-shirt underneath, you have made the right choice.

By the way: modern casual looks with blouses or shirts can let the shirt underneath shine through. To make this style - the chic blouse in combination with a simple shirt - a statement, a classic t-shirt with a round neck is recommended.

Fashionable combination with a distinctive touch

The combination of a sporty T-shirt with a jacket or blazer continues to enjoy growing popularity. The look fits just as well in a modern office, where the dress code is business casual or smart casual, as well as on a nice dinner date or a visit to the museum. When choosing between a top with a round neckline and shirts with a V-neckline, you should note that even the classic cut of a blazer or jacket has a stretching effect. Wide round necklines or wide, rounded V-shapes tend to look more harmonious here than long, pointed ones.

The contrasting look is particularly trendy with a casual shirt and jacket or blazer if you choose a striking combination. A suit with an all-over pattern or a costume in a bright color look wonderfully dynamic with a monochrome sporty top such as a light T-shirt, for example in classic white.

Our tip: With high-quality materials you can enhance the look of the shirt with a round neck or V-neck and thus the entire outfit.

Outfit with sweater

The range of sweaters presents differently shaped necklines. The effect of the round neckline and the V-neckline does not differ if you want to wear your model under a jacket, for example. There is an exception if you want to pull your sweater over a shirt or blouse with a collar. In this case, of course, the neckline must be large enough so that the shirt or blouse collar can actually protrude.

While a V-shape underlines the shape of the shirt or blouse collar, the round neck creates a subtle contrast. Another criterion to consider when choosing the neckline for a sweater: the temperature. A few inches can go a long way, especially in the sensitive neck area.

The best protection against wind and cold is a round neck sweater that fits as close to the neck as possible.

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