Is Avenger Film is for children

Can I watch the Marvel films, like Captain America, etc. with my 8 year old son, even though the films are 12+, and which ones would be more suitable?


I haven't seen the Marvel movies yet, but my 8 year old son would love to watch them. Which I can understand because they are superhero films. And most of them are approved for ages 12 and over, but I still notice that films with the same FSK can always turn out differently.

And I've also seen "Pirates of the Caribbean 1" with my son. But this film is completely based on fantasy, where I've read Marvel films that these are often mixed with real stories and he might not be able to tell them apart.

Even if I explain that to him, I'm a little afraid that he might not be able to separate it as well as "Pirates of the Caribbean". And he wanted to watch "Captain America - The First Avenger". And then I read that the film mixed a lot with the real world. Like Hitler and World War II is real and then again this one with this "Red Skull" that he worked with Hitler and this nasty association of "Hydra", but greet each other like the Nazis, only that they exchanged the word ( Hydra instead of Hitler) etc.

Which is then again not real and if he still looks like in the photos with his red head, which he may not understand and confuse everything after all. Are there any Marvel films that an 8 1/2 year old could watch, because there are certainly differences in the Marvel films, even if they are approved for ages 12 and over.

Does anyone know a lot about the Marvel films and can someone please help me, that would be really very helpful, otherwise I would have to watch and compare all Marvel films and that can certainly take forever because there are too many of them and me I don't really have that much time to first watch all the Marvel films and then decide.

Sure, a few, but all of them would be too much. Had promised him a film for the weekend and now I'm not so sure which one would be best.

Could someone please help me here? Thank you very much.