What emotions do different scents evoke?

The scent of the music

You have worked for countless renowned perfume houses - what attracted you to Ali Kashani's concept?

The concept behind the brand really resonated with me. The combination of two art movements immediately appealed to me and I found it very interesting to create a fragrance within these parameters.

Is music something that you find particularly inspiring in your work in general?

In any case. Music helps shape different fragrances that I create. For me it's more about creating a mood, I start to relax in the melody or the rhythms of the songs and I find myself able to tap into different parts of my memory that I've been around for a long time no longer had access.

Let's talk about fragrances in more detail right away - have you chosen the songs that will serve as the basis for your works?

Indeed I have. I happen to love the song "I Put A Spell On You" by Jay Hawkins, and I wanted to use a mix of hypnotically fresh yet brooding ingredients to convey a sense of fascination to reflect the mood of the song. I've also been a long-time fan of Madonna's work and the way she keeps reinventing herself. For “Like A Virgin” I tried to capture the essence of who she was at this point in her life and the energy that surrounds the song and the era.

How did you orient yourself - the text, the rhythm or the interpreter?

I was inspired by everything: the text, the rhythm and the interpreters. My goal was to reflect the emotions of each song and the feelings of the listener.

Some of the fragrances in your portfolio, such as "CK One" and "Acqua di Gio", are very well known to the general public - this is more of a niche product ...

What was unique about this project was the development of a formula that was lyrical and made "music" with my scent. In addition, I was given the creative freedom to combine the song, the emotions and the ingredients in one fragrance. In any case, whether I work with a large or a small brand, I have to feel free and unconstrained in order to be able to concentrate on the highest level of creativity.

Both songs are true classics - what makes a fragrance that is naturally ephemeral into a timeless piece of history?

Fragrances are a mirror of society, and as culture develops, so does perfumery. As a perfumer, it is my job to understand these waves of change and to let them work together through my artistry. For me, a timeless perfume is one that has a real signature, a personality - and that gives the wearer something unique.

The world has had a turbulent year through and through - which song and which fragrance would you dedicate to 2020?

I believe in the concept of "Yin and Yang" and dualism. While this year has certainly brought many unexpected events and global difficulties, I have also witnessed a turning point in love and a renewed commitment to a better tomorrow. For these reasons, I think I would pick an old Rolling Stones classic called "You Can't Always Get What You Want" as a suitable song for this year.