What are some fascinating facts about psychopaths

Be a psychopath! With the help of these book tips, you will recognize its characteristics - and be more successful in life

Book tips Kevin Dutton: "Psychopaths. What can be learned from saints, lawyers and serial killers" + "The good psychopath in you. Discover your hidden strengths!"


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These two are instructive, enlightening and entertaining Book tips: They show advertisementsCharacteristics of psychopaths on that up in life on advertisingRoad to success bring (can).

11 characteristics of a psychopath

The Oxford Psychology Professor Kevin Dutton understands by one Psychopaths a person with the following 11 personality traits:

"Unscrupulousness, fearlessness, impulsiveness, self-confidence, focusedness, cold-bloodedness under pressure, mental hardship, charm, charisma, degraded empathy, lack of remorse"

He imagines these properties as Mixer controller which one depends on the situation and profession Adjust or find exactly adjusted must in order to achieve optimal results. In addition, it is important as a psychopath high intelligence with a Aversion to violence to combine in order to meet the requirements of the highest social positions - apart from the military.

Psychopaths can Recognize feelings better than the average person. But they do feel less intense (unless they are told beforehand to pay attention to the feelings). They practically do not touch images of disgusting, brutal, violent scenes, as brain scans have shown.

One looks in vain for a guilty conscience in psychopaths. When there is something to get, when a reward beckons, they grab it by doing what it takes - almost no matter what it is, regardless of your own losses or those of others, quickly and efficiently, even under high pressure. But that doesn't mean that they are hot-blooded, crazy knife swingers who don't know what they're doing - on the contrary: They are cold target pragmatists.

They stay calm, able to act, determined and focused in danger. As capable, determined and concentrated as possible as Ronald Schillwhen he did not hesitate for a second at Celebrity Big Brother 2014 to get into a car that was sunk in a lake while he had to fiddle a ball through a net underwater without an oxygen device. He was doing it fearless and mentally tough- essential characteristics of psychopaths.

The group benefited from his ability to remain calm in great danger and to do what is necessary regardless of the possible consequences, detached from possible feelings of fear and panic. Which, of course, does not mean to imply that Schill is a psychopath. Firstly, I'm not a psychologist and, secondly, I don't know him.

We also learn from Dutton's books that Economic bosseshave some psychopathic traits more often than criminals. These include influencing charm, egocentrism, persuasion, lack of empathy, independence and goal-orientation. Only the antisocial properties are different. These separate the functional from the dysfunctional psychopaths.

7 traits of psychopaths for your success

In his second book he mentions 7 traits for successthat we look from Psychopaths can copy. Here's the rough one Checklist:

1. Act quickly

Do not ponder for a long time and postpone tasks, but quickly identify the right thing and do it when there is something to be won. Procrastinating is not!

2. Grab and lock

(Similar to number 1)

When it comes down to it, psychopaths do what they need to do to win. They try less to prevent or compensate for losses than to make profits. The normal person often acts the other way around.

3. Confidence that doesn't care what others think

Psychopaths speak up, stand up for themselves, and compromise less when it comes to their interests, even if it offends people.

4. Let others do and think what you want

Psychopaths skillfully influence other people by studying and changing their psyche.

5. Take it easy, put it away, gulp it down, look ahead

They show no remorse and are less annoyed when they are treated unfairly, but rather accept it more often - and paradoxically often earn more than average people in comparable situations, for example in negotiations. They focus their strengths and maximize their profit in given circumstances, instead of just wanting more than their competitors and thereby losing a lot. After a defeat they get up quickly and just carry on, they are more resilient.

6. Presence in the present

Psychopaths are fully there in the moment, highly focused on what's coming up here and now.

7. Emotional distance

Psychopaths don't itch what normal people itches - they remove feelings from the equation to assess the situation.

Simple methods of influencing

Occasionally we learn in Dutton's books Methods of influencing know, such as those of Greg Morant, an American con artist. It is amazingly simple, callous and its effect is hard to believe:

1. Talk about yourself to get your victim to talk about themselves.

2. Abruptly, shortly after the victim has told their personal story, interrupt them by changing the subject or pointing out something.

3. Wait a few weeks, modify your victim's story slightly - and tell it as part of your biography. Now you have a connection and you can start cheating.

Interesting facts about the human psyche

There are more besides interesting facts about the human psychewho represent Dutton.

For example, you have the participants in a psychological experiment in front of you Plate full of biscuits and a bowl of radishes set. Half were allowed to eat the biscuits, the other half had to choose the radish. Afterwards you should solve a more difficult problem from the geometry.

The radish group gave up much faster than the biscuit group: the radish eaters lasted 8 minutes. The biscuit eaters significantly more than twice as long: 19 minutes.

Conclusion: Our willpower can be consumed, so let's deal with it more consciously and in a more targeted manner (It remains unclear whether she can be trained, for example, by not eating cookies).

Would you also have thought that we Donate more if there is a donation can at the top of the escalator instead of at the bottom? Or that we Judging more morally when our hands are dirty than when they are clean? Or that those who disregard social rules also disregard rules more often when solving problems and thus find new ways?

By the way, be careful if you have one Coffee in hand have: You then tend to to assess your counterpart more warmly and generously, as if you were holding a cold drink.

Now do the following: Move your legs 50 centimeters apart and put your hands on your hips. Stay in this position for 2 minutes.

What has changed? Answer: Your testosterone level is up to 20% higher than before. You change your inner state by changing your outer one - "Fake it until you make it!"

Short Tests: Am I a Psychopath?

Both Short tests, which are attached to the second book by Dutton, I only ever have it maximally ins Midfield of psychopathy brought.

Except for one that was about representing yourself and your opinion against resistance. I achieved top marks there. If the following applies to you, you would have ended up above as well:

Tendency I tell someone when something bothers me openly and directly in an appropriate environment and tone, of course. I represent one in groups dissenting opinion basically problem-free and I always wonder when someone calls it courageous and doesn't “dare” to do it just because others think differently. I fight for what is important to me think of me for that too new ways off, and when I'm at it stepping on someone's feet, to some extent, I accept that as collateral damage. I have to not liked at any cost be and let me do not persuade experienced sellers to buy, but analyze different offers.

If the Service in the restaurant in a serious way not true, I bring that polite but clear and yet emerge discreetly without creating embarrassment - not only am I not afraid of any conflict. I even felt bad if I had avoided it. if I stand out from the crowd, I don't find it tragic and even enjoy it a little. With the Fashion at least I have to not keep up.

If you feel the same, you would have medium to on this one test high psychopathy scores reached. And these properties don't sound so bad and terrible, do they?

Good introduction to the subject of psychopathy

Kevin Dutton's books are a A pleasant introduction to the subject of the benefits and disadvantages of psychopathy for life (to modify the title of a famous Nietzsche pamphlet). Above all, the last book "The good psychopath in you" has lengths (and redundancies) and annoying passages because it was completely squeezed into a storytelling cocoon. This sometimes distracts from what is interesting, but in parts it is loosening up and appears more lively than mere treatises.

Overall, it's easy to dive into World of an interesting personality disorder with many helpful, fascinating insights that lead to self reflection can instigate and help advertisingto become more successful.

Hence, both books are advertisementsclear book tips.

What do you think of this, do you think psychopaths can be role models in some situations? Or is that all nonsense?