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Translation of "bring home" in French

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ramener raccompagner


But maybe you should better me bring home.
Mais tu devrais peut-être me ramener.
You have to be Angelica bring home.
Maybe I should prefer you bring home.
I need you bring home.
So, you can have your baby right back bring home and...
Vous feriez mieux de ramener ce bébé et ... de le coller au bain ...
We can safely take 5 astronauts bring home.
On a la possibilité de ramener cinq astronautes sains et saufs.
But your mum says we should get you bring home.
Mais ta mère a dit qu'on devait te ramener.
Gemma's brother couldn't me bring home.
Non. Le frère de Gemma ne pouvait pas me ramener.
We will .... You bring home.
Tell mommy to me bring home.
I can him bring home, if you want.
I'm sorry, I have to bring home.
You may me bring home.
I just want Adelaide bring home.
Je veux juste ramener Adelaide chez elle.
I wanted you bring home.
I can't even see you bring home.
J'ai même pas le temps de te ramener.
You have to be Chiara bring home.
Vinny, il est minuit, faut ramener Chiara.
I do not want you bring home.
We are not allowed to bring homeuntil there is more security in the country.
Nous ne devons pas les rappeler tant qu'il n'y a pas plus de sécurité dans le pays.
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