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Automechanika 2008

Preview of the leading trade fair der automotive industry

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successfully set up

68237 | ISSN 0001-1983

Official organ des

general association

auto parts-Handel e.v.


September 2008, 96th year

Refuel der socket?

A closer look: alternative fuels

For sure. Brakes.


The brake business represents a high proportion

in workshop sales.

Therefore, you shouldn't take any chances here. Weder as far as safety is concerned, nor the quality of your parts.

So if you want to rely on OE quality, there is no way around Ferodo.

Because there is no supplier in the brake pads division

in Germany or similarder Europe, der higher proportions oder

greater growth der series delivery.

So: sure. Brakes. Ferodo.

The Ferodo Roadshow 2008 der


Experience live what Ferodo has to offer you! The roadshow on

der automechanika in Frankfurt / M. from September 18-21, 2008. Because

we want to show you: our program, our quality,

our new dealers in your area.

amz 9/2008 editorial

When the exhibition gates to

Automechanika 2008 in Frankfurt

open on the Main, it will be an event

of espderer Bedeutung.

This year's industry trade fair

findet from 16 to 21 September to 20

Times instead of. The Automechanika takes place every two years

with their unique product range

in den areas of auto parts, vehicle washing,

Workshop and gas station equipment, accessories

and tuning for trade visitors and decision-makers

out der automotive and motor vehicle industries

der probably the most important meeting point for information,

Communication and dialogue. In the premiere year

In 1971 it started as a kind of gap filler because

the IAA was canceled this yearde. Back then

they decided to have their own fair for den

Workshop and parts area below dem title “Internationale

Exhibition for car, workshop, gas station

and garage equipment ”.

Back then, 415 exhibitors attracted around 75,000

Visitors under their spell should be more than

4,600 international companies around 160,000

Visitors a strong performance show and includede

Offer information platform.

The high competitive pressure, stricter legal

Requestdestruggles and the desires der Kunden

force the automotive industry to permanently

to reinventden. bustlede Force behind den

Innovations are the suppliers. Because round

80 percent der parts of a car come from den

Automotive parts manufacturers in der original equipment components

develop, manufacture and manufacture den automobile manufacturers

deliver. On der ondedeliver to the other side

you den Automotive parts handel with these products,

which then in the automotive service market in den Kundenautos

built whoden. on der Automechanika whoden

the parts manufacturers in the "Parts & Systems" division

be represented as probably the largest product group.

So looks too der deutsche auto parts handel with

great expectations for Automechanika. There

is pending, as is the case with manyderen companies

and associationsden on den six event days,

the right-to-repair campaign

Freedom to repair, in focus. By means of this Europe-wide

Information campaign aims to profile des

the free automotive parts and service market

prevent legislation in Europedert whoden,

Every (two) years

howder ...

_ The 20th Automechanika is supposed to be

Leading trade fair der automotive industry dem

Service business important impulses


“The Automechanika

will turn out to be

Signpost for the

Future in car service

prove. "

which the right des consumer to free choice of workshop

for service, maintenance and repair of his


To you in advance der fair one

Overview too den diverse product trends and

dem rich repertoire der automotive supplier,

Parts manufacturers, system providers and toderen

We have in-house to provide you with exhibitors

a comprehensive Automechanika preview of this issue

compiled. Exceptdem lies

this amz the special workshop equipment.

With that we provide you den ASA association, his

Activities and den benefit of his work for

the car workshops and the exhibitors der

this year's Automechanika. Todem supposed to

Booklet serve you as a vehicle workshop operator,

embrace yourselfden overview der different

Facilities as well as equipments

der ASA member companies for imminentde

Investments in the workshop landscape

procure and den personal contact with business partners

to be able to initiate.

Also with great expectations whoden both

the editors as well as the publishing staff

from amz, NKWpartner and bfp fahrpark + management

on der Automechanika be represented.

In the passage between den Halls 5.1 and 6.1

we await you for a lively exchange of experiences

as well as interesting conversations. Look

just drop by for a small talk.

Jürgen Rinn (amz editor-in-chief)

amz - auto | engine | accessories No. 9-2008

amz 9/2008 table of contents



set up

_ The Bosal Group does a lot more

than just exhaust systems and towing devices.

An overview.

The Bosal group belongs to den leadden manufacturers

of exhaust systems, catalytic converters,

Towing devices, roof rack systems,

Jacks, precision steel tubes as well

Storage systems. new technologies

how to supplement heat exchangers for fuel cells

the product portfolio and prove the innovative strength

des company.

The Bosal Group, 1923 in neverderural

Alkmaar greendet, includes 42 works and 27

Distribution centers in 24 countriesdern. Around 7000

Employees work for den Company success.

On to

new shores

_ The Golf VI should be available in October den

debe a uch dealer. With der sixth

generation deVolkswagen wants compact cars

Increase the quality and comfort level.

The most successful with 26 million copies

European car wasde according to the manufacturer in

improved in all areas. (Page 22)

amz - auto | engine | accessories No. 9-2008

Automechanika 2008:

Here we go...

_ Only a few more days before it opens

the Automechanika in Frankfurt opens its gates.

The organizers expect more than 160,000

Visitor. But what does the international one offer

Leading trade fair der automotive sector this year

News? We looked around in advance.

(Page 58)



Basis: number of cars on January 1, 2007: 46.6 million cars

over 10 years


910 years


more than 72%dervehiclesdecar stockdesare 5 years and older

Around 60%derVehicles are 7 years and older




12 years






East-West divide

in service

_ The East Kunde obsolete den West-Kunden

with entitlement to benefits. Not only the

annual average expenditures per car differ

in an east-west comparison, also the Kundenprofile

sometimes develop differentlyden.

The earnings opportunities fall depending on the sub-market

quite different. (Page 176)

technology parts market

scene "My father has fulfilled a dream ..." 8

Strong shine for strong cars 12

PSA relies on the StARS 14 micro-hybrid system

Fair play versus Schadecontrol 15

market car markets in downturn 16

Car search on screen 18

Electrics leads Schadelist on 20

Off to new shores 22

One for the rough 24

trends variable compression engine 26

Plug-in hybrid - refuel der socket 28

The future is on its way 30

Fuel out der socket 34

Battery leasing as a future modeldell 36

Driving at half the price? 40

automobile Clean exhaust gas - gradually chargedden and chilled 44

Tough 46

The direct line 50

Power off dem exhaust 52

Between comfort and toughness 54

automechanika Here we go ... 58

Big station for yourmove 62

Ease of work for the workshop 68

Service in focus 70

Technical I.deenpool 72

Hella on two sticksden 80

The fascination of auto glass 86

All processes at a glance 104

workshop practice measuring instead of guessing 114

Injector repair 118

(Constant velocity) joint pain can be prevented 122

Electronic load securing 126

workshop equipment with high pressure against dirt 128

Over the rear sight and front sight 130

New momentum for den Shock absorber service 132

Against den Trend 134

workshop market successful in der third dimension 140




The trick with dem click 144

whoden You (data) banker 146

East-west divide in service 176

Women are tickingders 180

It's mostly the little things ... 182

Long-term marketing 184

Come and join 186

Establishing and maintaining contacts 190

Judges clarify compensation for use 193

Soot particle filter clogged, money back 194

Employer is a shamedepayable 195

Carat builds

new central warehouse 157

Entrepreneur's Day at Hess 158

Starters and generators

in OE quality 160

From the newcomer

to OE supplier 162


Well on the way in Kazakhstan 164

Partslife wins

new system partner 167

The treasurehunters

by Feuerbach 168

Federn from the beginning 170

The brake pad

from one piece 172

Starting shot 174

amz - auto | engine | accessories No. 9-2008


Official organ des total

joined auto parts handel E.V.

Automechanika 2008:

The future des Secure IAM 1 9

Automechanika 2008 1 0

Methoden der performance

oriented remuneration 1 1

Vehicle parts manager:

4. Runde 2008 1 2


provides movement 1


Every (two) years likeder ... 3

Title display:

Successfully positioned worldwide 6

Profiles 196

KBA numbers 198

Imprint 201

Rearview mirror 202

title display


successfully set up

_ The Bosal Group does much more than just exhaust systems

and towbars - it is an original equipment supplier for the automotive industry and

Parts supplier for den automotive aftermarket. An overview.

The globally positioned Bosal

Group belongs to den leadden

Exhaust system manufacturers,


Towing devices, roof rack systems,

Jacks, precision tubes

made of steel and storage systems.

By that in September

Joint venture entered into in 2006 with

der deutschen ORIS GmbH is Bosal zum

largest European manufacturer of

Hitch mounts ascended.

New technologies such as heat exchangers

for fuel cells complete the product portfolio

and prove the innovative strength

des company.

The Bosal Group, 1923 in the neverderural

Alkmaar greendet, includes

42 plants and 27 distribution centers in

24 lengdern. Around 7,000 employees work

For den Company success. The

The company's head office is in Lummen, Belgium

home. The pursuit of progress

and innovation sets new standards

Material, packaging, weight savings

and emissions cuts while

cost efficiency is always a major factor

For den Kunden remains.

Original equipment competence

For den aftermarket

Bosal is a global original equipment supplier

der automotive industry for

complete exhaust systems, including

prefabricated insulated manifold as well

Catalysts, and has strong

Position in the aftermarket. Through the

use der OE competence dem aftermarket

meet the exhaust systems of

Bosal the strictest standards and guarantee

long life span. The exhaust system

has become a complex

independent product developed.

It combines differentdene functions

such as emission control, temperature control

amz - auto | engine | accessories No. 9-2008

Bosal has an exhaust system

developed that

cheaper, lighter and

is more permanent than previous


Milestone: The


Towing hitch M5

in der OE version.

eration, control der noise characteristics,

Noise level reduction and vibration isolation.

Not least detherefore work more

than 200 engineers in the field of research

and development. There whoden novel

Manufacturing process also developed

like new materials to reduce des

Weight in der exhaust system. Monderne

Exhaust systems are reaching a weight today

of up to 30 kilograms and more.

Bosal is in today der location - thanks to his

Development work - for a 2.5 liter engine

one that is about 13 kilos lighter

Manufacture exhaust system. All production sites

are according to TS 16949 and ISO

14001, all locations toodem according to DIN EN

ISO 9001 and QS9000 certified.

In close cooperation with den automobile manufacturers

Bosal-Oris has one

Range of removable, rigid and

swiveling towing devices


A strong cooperation

The new joint venture

Bosal Oris wasde in den Bosal division

Automotive Carrier Systems / Original

Equipment (ACS / OE) integrated and

is for the coordination and implementation

all business dealings with den automobile manufacturers

(OE) responsible. Together

With dem parallel business area

Automotive Carrier Systems / Aftermarket

(ACS / AM) wasde Bosal Oris to the largest

Manufacturer of towing devices in

Europe. The product range includes

Hitching devices with rigid and

removable ball necks and hitching devices

with swing away

The hitch

ORIS MATIC swivels in

two secondsden behind the


Ball neck der Oris-Matic brand in manual,

half-oder fully electric version.

The delivery program in the aftermarket

decovers almost the entire spectrum of European

Vehicles. Further product focuses

bilden transport systems

for private and commercial use,

Jacks in numerous designs

as well as convertible windstops, with dea bosal

Oris as the world market leader has the most

European, American and Japanese

Car manufacturer supplies.

Bosal Germany

- in Viersen for 35 years

The Bosal Group has been on since 1973 dem

deactive utschen market. The Bosal Germany

GmbH with headquarters in Viersen as well

two further service centers in Garbsen

(near Hanover) and Mannheim

with 70 employees too den strategic

most important and successful subsidiaries

in the European market. in the

deutschen aftermarket is the company

undisputed market leader

in the field of exhaust systems and delivers from

In frontderrohr, about den catalyst up to

to the rear silencer and all associated

Assembly parts all from one

Hand. With a full range of more

than 6000 ECE-approved exhaust systems

Bosal reaches a marketdeby

98 percent. Monthly whoden more than

30 exhaust systems are added to the product range

recorded. Next den

Bosal offers exhaust systems dem post

High frequency stress test

one close to the engine

Catalyst group


aftermarket a wide range of towing devices.

Here, too, brought the joint

Venture with Oris valuable synergies.

The leadde Position in the aftermarket

comes from der good product quality

and deBut also r wide range of products

of dem clear specialistdels-oriented

Sales concept. With help des automotive parts

Großhandels Bosal brings its products

in the independent workshops. So whoden almost

90 percent des sales with dem cooperated

Großhandel made. Numerous

Services and sales promotionsdemeasures

are part of the extensive

Portfolio for den Großhandel and

the workshop partners. Especially common

Training measures with dem

Großhandel in den workshops show

that Bosal products are accepted

whoden. The logistic services

are on the requirederemnants of Handel

and workshop aligned. Are constant

more than 9900 articles available, what a

Goods availability of more than 97

Percent equals. Two camps in Garbsen

near Hanover and in Bobenheim

Mannheim provide together with dem

Central warehouse in Oevel, Belgium for den

Flow of goods. The Kunden can between

Direct deliveries from the central warehouse in the truck,

from day tours to night express

choose. The orders for

den night express whoden accepted until 5 p.m.

and are until eight o'clock

delivered in the morning.

Bosal sees itself with its logistical

Achievements as one der market leadershipden

Bosal designs and manufactures roof racks

for delivery to the production lines

der OEM. Photos: Bosal

Suppliers. Of course it works

Company also with all relevant

Associationden, such as dem overall association

Auto parts handel (GVA) and

Industry solutions such as Partslife, TecDoc

and Teccom together. This is above all

for Paul Kolhoff, Managing Director Bosal

Germany, very important and shows which

Commitment the company to

den operates a free aftermarket. Further

Receives support der market through

the strong presence on almost all

important trade fairs, attractive customersdeevents

as well as a pronounced

Marketing support.

Trends and

new developments

The strong market share of Bosal greendet

rely on long experience and a good one

Understanding the unique requirementsdestruggles

and operational environmentder der

wide range of uses. There

it is becoming more and more important to be more economical and

to produce so-called green exhaust systems.

Bosal works closely with Kunden,

Universities and research institutes

together to make more durable, lighter

and develop safer products.

About global opportunities deinclude rden

To maximize the product range,

one plans at der Bosal group the

further expansion into new ones and developde

Markets and will savedem

Investment on den already established

Doing markets.

amz - auto | engine | accessories No. 9-2008

technology scene

60 “My father

a dream came true ... "


In the beginning I looked around

but could den car, from

dem i dreamed not finden.

So I decided to do it myself

to build, "said Ferry Porsche,

todeI'm using his first prototype der chassis number

356-001 on June 8, 1948

had got the street legal.

“My father got on with this wagon

fulfills a dream, "says Dr. wolfgang

Porsche, today chairman of the supervisory boardder

der Porsche Automobil Holding SE.

The base des first sports car was

der by Professor Dr. Ing.h.c. Ferdinand

Porsche developed Volkswagen. Nice

in February 1948 the chassis was ready,

amz - auto | engine | accessories No. 9-200

_ Porsche is celebrating its birthday: 60 years agodeder cornerstone

laid for the family-run company, dessen ascent to

bedebest sports car manufacturer der world safe back then

no one dared to predict.

for a sleek roadster body

Aluminum was madede. For testing

took der Porsche 356 "No. 1" on 1.

July 1948 took part in the Innsbruck city race

and wurde class winner straight away. The

Production of a small series des type 356/2

still ran in der second half of 1948

at. As well as der prototype "No. 1 ”received

the Porsche 356/2 also has an aluminum body,

Erwin Komenda, director

der body development, designed

would have. Even for the first sports cars from

Porsche received praise from all sides. Even

der Ferry Porsche's father was satisfiedden:

“I wouldn't have a screw onders done ",

he said when he was out der prisoner of war

Wedding in der vehicle production:

Engine installation in a Porsche 356 B


... and in a 911 Carrera S (2007).

Photos: Porsche

shank returned. “That was for mine

Father like an accolade, ”recalls

Wolfgang Porsche.

Return to the old location

Created by 1950den in Austrian

Gmünd - that's where the company went

while des Second World War

outsourced worden - 52 copies des

available as a coupé and convertible

Porsche 356/2. But the provisional ones

Production facilities left no further

Growth too. So I decided

the company management in 1949

To return to Stuttgart.

The GTÜ is raffled

20 tickets

"With der GTÜ

we offer ours

Kunden security

and reliability «

August Kurtz, service manager

Autohaus Opel Lüning, Dorsten

For all around

satisfieddene Kunden

Vehicle tests

and expert opinions


Workshop support

Talk to us dem

GTÜ partners in your area

GTÜ Society for Technical Monitoring mbH · Forward dem Lauch 25 70567 Stuttgart Fon: 0711 97676-0 Fax: 0711 97676-199 info @ ·

technology scene


production der now with sheet steel bodies

equipped Porsche 356 im

March 1950, the production target was initially

at bescheide100 vehicles

in the year. But der success strengthened Ferry

Porsche at der implementation of his vision

from "driving in its most beautiful form":

Ten years after der premiere were

produced more than 25,000 sports cars

worden; until 1965 it should

even 77 766 vehicles of this type

whoden. After only a decade and a half

was der Porsche sports car already for

Automobile classicden.

In den comeden decades

yourself der formerly a small sports car specialist

thanks to an efficient production methodden

and innovative Modelle to one

der most successful and profitable

Automobile manufacturer der world developed.

Are there dem company but the

Low blows were not spared: As

Whomdelin likedeking 1992 the leadership

took over, Porsche just experiencedde his

worst crisis. The company ran

Danger of losing your most precious good -

its independence. Porsche was suddenly

a takeover candidate. It should

go immediatelydelt whoden. The owner families

Porsche and Piëch said dem board

their support too.

Howdeking and his fellow board members

not only let den Boxster

produce, sondern also provided

further measures for den economic

Reversal. New organizational

and production processes wereden

introduced all hierarchical and

Fundamentally changing process levelsdert.

The internal efforts to improve productivity

as well as the new

developed Modell program showed

quick effect: wrote as early as 1995

Porsche likeder black numbers and

began to come up with new records every yearden

in terms of turnover, sales and earnings

Top position in der automotive industry

to conquer. “Porsche is stronger today

denn ever. We have our costs and

Processes under control and our independence

thus secured for the long term. We

have always seen us as David der

against the Goliaths der industry claim

got to. This self-image

got us in all den years - it has

but also made us successful ”, says

Porsche boss Howdeking proud.

Leading the way in environmental protection

His image as the best sports car smearde

has Porsche within

Hardly earned over six decades

- also and especiallyders on dem area

10 amz - auto | engine | accessories No. 9-200

911 Carrera S.

dem acoustic test bench.

Aerial view of Zuffenhausen

with museum construction site


des environmental protection. The Porsche engineers

have never been satisfied with itden

given, only the current ones

Environmental regulations des legislature too

fulfill. It was always her goal to be about it

to go out: So werede as early as 1966

with a 911 der first officially approved

Emissions test carried out in Europe.

A little later greendeyou had your own

Department, which is also the exhaust gas values ​​of

Vehiclesder manufacturer checked.

Porsche develops new technologies

not just for improvement der driving characteristics,

sondern also permanent

optimization der environmental sustainability.

In den past 15 years it is

dem company succeeded den consumption

of his new vehicles - and with it

also the carbon dioxide emissions - im

Cut by 1.7 percent annually.

In relation to engine power, Porsche counts

already today den manufacturers with

dem lowest carbon dioxide emissions.

And should by 2012 der consumption der Porsche vehicles

by another 20 percent

sink - new innovative engine technologies

and der Hybrid drive for the Cayenne

and Panamera make it possible.

With dem seal of quality “Made in

Germany ", dem waiver of subsidies

as well as with der social responsibility

across from den employees and

der society, Porsche is undeterred

gone his way. This has been part of

September 2005 too der step into a

new future: the majority stake

at der Volkswagen AG. At almost 31

percent des voting capital

is Porsche today der largest single shareholder

in Wolfsburg. Still in the course

this year is supposed to der share to over 50

Percent increases whoden.

The goal is clear in this case too:

Under dem common roof der Porsche

Automobil Holding SE should not only

der Porsche and

Volkswagen through that for decades

proven development and manufacturing partnership

long-term secured whoden,

sondern also independence

atder company. Howdeking promises

in the anniversary year des Porsche

Sports car: “Porsche is also in

Remaining Porsche in the future. Like Volkswagen

Volkswagen will stay. This is the

Recipe for success. ”Tv

Research online. Votes on the phone.

In spite ofdem my costs under control.

High-speed internet and cheap telephone tariffs with full cost transparency are the success factors

for your business. Our Call & Surf and BusinessComplete packages detailor-madedert

Your individual needs. This will save you money and benefit from unlimited

Communication - for successful new business and optimal customersdecontact.

Individual advice and reliable service at der free businessdehotline

0800 33 01 682, in your Telekom Shop and on the Internet: business packages

technology scene

Strong shine for strong cars

_ The paintwork der individual Wiesmann Roadster or similarder GT requireddert

skilled craftsmanship.

Nostalgic shape, flowdes stern, striking

Front, der Wiesmann fascinates Ralf

Buran still: “Even after more than

300 painted sports cars will ever remaindes

Vehicle unique to us. ”Since 2003

lends the Haltern car paint shop

dem Roadster and GT noble shine, and

Spies Hecker supplies the paint material for

serial production.

The vehicle parts made of GRP material

whoden of der car manufacture dem

Delivered directly to the Westphalian Dülmen.

“First we temper the elements

nine to ten hours