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What is Sling TV? Everything you need to know

Sling TV is an American over-the-top Internet television service owned by Dish Network. The service, which is structured as a virtual multi-channel video program distributor and is intended to supplement the subscription video-on-demand services for cable cutters, was presented on January 5, 2015 at the consumer electronics trade fair. It offers a selection of the most important cable channels and OTT-derived services that can be streamed via smart TVs, digital media players and apps.

Sling TV is the service that allows subscribers to watch a collection of live and on-demand television channels on their TV, tablet, computer or phone. TV is live, just like cable or satellite service, only that it is streamed over the Internet. Sling TV is a subsidiary of Dish Network, the satellite provider that operates as a completely separate service. You don't need a Dish subscription to get the Sling TV. It is available all over the United States

Sling TV is cheaper than cable and has fewer channels. It requires a broadband internet connection for home of at least 5.0 megabits per second (25 Mbit / s or more is recommended. Instead of a cable box, you can use any devices connected to the television such as streaming sticks or boxes, smart TVs or Watch Play TV A console that runs a free Sling TV app. You can also watch at home or on the go on your phone, tablet or computer. There are no contracts with Sling TV, so you can cancel or resume service at any time with no penalties Can only watch one stream at a time with the Sling Orange package.

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  • Why do you need a VPN?
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  • Is Sling TV free?
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  • Sling TV alternatives
  • Review and final thoughts

↑ Why do you need a VPN?

Sling TV is only available in the U.S. Due to geographic restrictions, you typically cannot access Sling TV outside of the U.S. To overcome this limitation, you can use VPN. By using VPNs, you can remove these restrictions by accessing the US server and using it with ease. It shows how you are in the US. There are several VPNs available, but we recommend these
Express VPN.

↑ Features of Sling TV

  • With Sling TV you can personalize your channel line-up according to your wishes and save it according to your wishes.
  • You can choose extras in your favorite genres of Sports, Comedy, Kids, News, Movies, Spanish, Lifestyle, and many more. You can change your service online at any time.
  • It offers you more than 100 live channels to stream instantly on all your favorite devices. You can watch your favorite sports like NFL and college football as well as many TV shows like Fear the Walking Dead, SportsCenter, Better Call Saul and 65,000+ hours of on-demand TV shows and movies.
  • You can also purchase cloud DVR - add it if necessary and choose when to watch it for just $ 5.
  • With Sling TV, you can stream on TVs, phones, tablets, game consoles, computers, and other devices anytime, anywhere.
  • With Sling TV, you don't have to pay for useless channels, no long-term contracts, no hidden fees, and it's very easy to cancel online.
  • You can also access the leading international live TV service in the United States, which offers 18 languages ​​including Arabic, Hindi, Spanish, Brazilian and more.

↑ Sling TV Supported Devices

Sling TV is compatible with various devices from anywhere, including your smartphone, computer or tablet. You can also watch sling TV on your TV through casting services.

The devices that are supported by the sling are listed below.

  • Amazon Fire TV
  • Amazon tablet
  • Android device
  • Android TV
  • Apple TV
  • Chromecast
  • iOS device
  • LG TV
  • Roku
  • Samsung Smart TV
  • Xbox One and Xbox 360
  • Windows 10

Like all streaming services, Sling TV requires a high-speed internet connection. You should have a download speed of at least 5 Mbit / s for a single stream and 25 Mbit / s for households with multiple devices that use the Internet.

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↑ Is Sling TV free?

Sling TV offers a 7-day free trial for newbie subscribers, but the company has been known to offer other offers on a regular basis. Deals include the Roku Express (worth $ 29.99) for free when you sign up for the Sling TV and pay a month in advance. This offer is not available with the free trial.

↑ Is Sling TV Legal?

Sling TV is a legal and safe app that does not contain any illegal content. The content provided by Sling TV is only accessible in the United States as Sling TV has some geographic restrictions.

↑ Sling TV plans & prices

  • Sling Orange: It's available for $ 25 per month with 22 channels including Disney and ESPN (but not Fox or NBC channels). This is limited to one simultaneous stream at a time.
  • Sling Blue: $ 25 per month. It offers 35 channels including Fox and NBC channels (but not ESPN or Disney channels). It supports up to three simultaneous streams.
  • Sling Orange + Blue: $ 40 per month. It contains all of the channels from both and supports up to four simultaneous streams, but only one of Orange channels at a time.

↑ Sling TV channels

channelSling Orange ($ 25)Sling Blue ($ 25)Sling Orange + Blue ($ 40)
A & E.YesYesYes
BBC AmericaYesYesYes
Bloomberg TVYesYesYes
Cartoon Network / Adult SwimYesYesYes
Comedy CentralYesYesYes
Disney channelYesNoYes
El Rey networkNoYesYes
EPIX drive-inYesYesYes
ESPN 2YesNoYes
ESPN 3YesNoYes
Food NetworkYesYesYes
Fox Regional SportsNoYes*Yes*
Fox Sports 1NoYesYes
Fox Sports 2NoYesYes
Now locallyYesYesYes
Nat Geo WildNoYesYes
National GeographicNoYesYes
NBC Regional SportsNoYes*Yes*
NBC Sports NetworkNoYes*Yes*
NFL networkNoYesYes
Nick Junior.NoYesYes
Travel channelYesYesYes
Tribeca shortlistYesYesYes
USA networkNoYesYes

↑ Sling TV alternatives

↑ Hulu

Hulu is an excellent streaming video-on-demand service that brings users all of their TVs in one place. In addition to broadcasting current and past episodes of network television shows, it also has the top rated original programming, plus many movies and other programming to meet a wide variety of television needs.


The best thing about MUBI is that it finds the top rated movies of all time in every genre, sorted by MUBI users' ratings. You can watch and discover many top quality films in one place.

↑ FilmOn

FilmOn is the freemium entertainment app, offering a ton of free content spread across different channels and genres. The application is fully supported by the Digital Living Network Alliance and Chromecast. Both make it easy for your devices to connect so they can share a single utility.

↑ Review and final thoughts

Sling TV is the best, most affordable choice for watching movies and TV shows. Sling TV plans are categorized according to the user's preference. You get excellent HD streams over the internet. You can use this service in place of Dish subscriptions. It's cheaper than many cable TV providers. But it has limited channels, that's enough for an average viewer.

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