Which former Amazon employees are on Twitter

working conditions: Amazon rewards warehouse workers for positive tweets

Working conditions are excellent in Amazon's dispatch warehouses - that is the basic tenor of a series of posts on Twitter. Techcrunch identified a total of 14 Twitter users and had Amazon confirm that they were selected by the mail order company to report positively on the work at Amazon. They should even be rewarded for this. This year there was an allegation that employees in Amazon's dispatch centers were under so much pressure to succeed that they'd rather save themselves going to the toilet and urinate in a bottle. This is said to have happened in Amazon's shipping centers in the UK.

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The 14 Twitter accounts all have the same structure and were created in August 2018. All Amazon employees active there are called FC Ambassador, where FC stands for Fulfillment Centers. The Twitter accounts are provided with an Amazon logo symbol and the employees only mention their first names. Unsurprisingly, all the messages are extremely positive and the writers can only find words of praise for being able to work at Amazon.

The Amazon ambassadors respond to Twitter messages in which the working conditions at Amazon are criticized and unanimously state that the working conditions at Amazon are very good. Very often it is also about the fact that it is easily possible to go to the toilets at any time.

The Seattle Times interviewed Natalie Mizik, a professor at the University of Washington Foster who teaches marketing there. She is amazed that a company empowers ordinary warehouse workers to be active on social media on behalf of the company. "I am surprised that it is so well organized"says Mizik. This applies above all to employees who otherwise do not work in the public relations department. Therefore, Mizik suspects that Amazon asked trainers and HR staff for such tweets, who used to work in the Amazon warehouses.

Amazon has confirmed to US media that employees were specifically approached to report on Twitter about their experiences working at Amazon. A former Amazon employee says there is a day off and a $ 50 shopping voucher from Amazon. The day off must be taken within three weeks, otherwise the entitlement expires. In addition, the employees were given lunch, cold cuts and sandwiches.