Does the western world have a culture

Western world

This map of the western world was drawn by a British scientist in 1996.
In his opinion:
Dark blue = western world
Light blue = so half and half
Gray = other states
New York City is probably one of the most famous metropolises in the western world

Certain countries on earth belong to the western world. But it is not a term from geography. It means countries that have a certain culture, politics, economy and religion. It is also about certain values ​​like justice. That is why countries like Australia are also included in the western world. From our point of view, these countries are not really in the west.

Countries with a European culture are now considered to be western. Thus it also includes countries outside Europe that have been settled by Europeans. This applies, for example, to the USA and Canada or Australia. The European settlers enforced their way of life and hardly paid any attention to the original population. As a result, they have almost completely displaced the original native culture of the Indians or the Aborigines by European culture.

The typical western religion is Christianity. Democracy prevails in politics. Everyone should have as much say as possible. One often speaks of a democratic society. Democracy and equality should also apply in everyday life, in schools and, if possible, everywhere.

In the economy, the free market economy applies. The best product at the lowest price should also sell best. If possible, the state should not intervene in the market. The states of the western world are wealthy and strong in technology, education, and other fields.

Other “Western values” are freedom, the rule of law, tolerance and equality. These values ​​go back in particular to the Enlightenment and then the French Revolution, which only took place in Europe.

A scientist from Great Britain coined the term “Western World” in 1996. So he belongs to this Western world himself. It is above all a point of view. So it is not entirely clear what constitutes the Western world and which countries belong to it.

Which countries do not belong to the western world?

Especially during the Cold War there was much controversy between the West and the countries that were communist and ruled by dictators. The world was divided into two blocks, a western block and an eastern block. These differences were best seen in the divided city of Berlin. There the western and communist way of life were only separated from each other by a wall.

The developing countries do not belong to the Western world either. One also sometimes speaks of the “Third World”. This often leads to a certain arrogance on the part of Western states. Especially in the age of imperialism, Westerners felt superior to other people. Westerners, however, are no better people than others.

Many countries used to be colonies of European countries. India, for example, has many railways and many people speak English. However, the culture and religion have largely remained the same. That is why India and similar countries are not counted as part of the Western world today.

In many countries, however, the assignment is difficult. They are shown on the map in light blue. Most of them are in South America. The countries are Christian and there is a lot of democracy, but especially the economic development is not as advanced as in the western world. They are sometimes also called “emerging economies” because they are on the threshold of the more developed countries.

How was the world divided in the past?

Even with the Romans, there were sometimes great differences between the provinces in the west and those in the east of the empire. Latin was spoken mainly in the west and Greek in the east. In 286, the empire was finally divided into a Western Roman Empire and an Eastern Roman Empire, later known as the Byzantine Empire.

Since the Middle Ages, Western Europe has also been referred to as the Occident because the sun sets in the west. In Latin it was the Occident. This term is in contrast to the Orient, the Orient. It's in the east, where the sun rises.

In the 11th century, the Orthodox Church separated from the Catholic Church. East of Italy, the people were Orthodox or Muslim. In the west they were Roman Catholics. Jews were pretty much everywhere because they didn't have a land of their own.

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