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Gabe Newell: "Artificial Intelligence Will Turn The Game Industry Inside Out"

Valve founder Gabe Newell expects the single player game to make a comeback. The reason: Artificial intelligence should be able to entertain players better than other players.

Newell likes bold theses. He recently revealed in an interview with IGN that he works intensively on brain interfaces and that brain-computer interfaces, as in the matrix, are much closer than humans could imagine. The technology should completely turn the entertainment industry upside down in the next few years.

In the current issue of the British games magazine Edge, Newell talks about another revolutionary technology that he believes will change the video game industry: general artificial intelligence (see AI terms).

“Thanks to the internet, there was a time when it was easier to connect people with people than with artificial intelligence. Now we are moving towards a period in which this relationship is reversed again - thanks to AI development, ”says Newell.

“OpenAI bots are better than 99 percent of all players. This is a surprisingly narrow challenge for an artificial intelligence. Beating people is easier than entertaining people. But in the next few years - I calculate it will be about nine years - we will have general artificial intelligence that can do anything that an intelligent person can do, ”predicts the Valve CEO.

The arrival of the silicon people

“It will probably cost a billion dollars to make such a silicon human. But they get cheaper and cheaper, to the point where ten or hundreds of such people live in the computer. Taking advantage of these opportunities means that single-player games will become a lot more interesting, ”Newell believes.

The AI ​​should be able to create games that get bigger and richer the more you play and that are still as interesting after 400 hours as they were in the first 20 hours. This should lead to a "tectonic shift" in the industry in favor of the single player game.

That would be desirable. In this way, games would no longer have to wait years for a new Half-Life game or could explore City 17 from Half-Life: Alyx (Info Guide) longer without having to worry about the credits.

The legendary video game programmer and VR luminary John Carmack Newell is likely to agree on this issue. He resigned from his position as Oculus chief technology officer in November 2019 and is now devoting himself to developing a super AI. Carmack also expects general artificial intelligence to emerge in this decade.

To what extent video games could benefit from AI, I described in the article AI in Gaming: How Artificial Intelligence Could Revolutionize Games.

Cover picture: Tim Dorr on Flickr. Valve. Licensed according to CC BY-SA 2.0, source: Edge Magazine

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