What are some relaxing apps

With meditation apps for inner peace

Meditation and mindfulness exercises have long since lost their esoteric-spiritual flair and conquered their place in the digital world. The app stores are teeming with programs for coping with stress. The practical thing about it: Meditation apps can be used anytime and anywhere. All you need is your smartphone and a few minutes. And of course the will to say goodbye to stress. With a pair of headphones it works just as well on the plane or in the office as it does at home.

However, it is important to find the right app. And that is not so easy in view of the wide range on offer. We looked at five different apps for you and reveal beforehand: In the end, personal taste decides.

More space in your head

Headspace is probably one of the most famous meditation apps and offers a huge selection of meditations for Android and iOS devices as well as for browsers. There are tailor-made offers for practically every need, for example for job-stressed, angry people, pregnant women or insomniacs. The exercises last between three minutes and an hour. After registering in advance, beginners can use the basic version for ten days free of charge in order to learn the basics of meditation or to get more "space in the head". Then try the exercises, which by the way, company founder Andy Puddicombe leads through personally. Although the app is also very popular in Germany, it is currently only available in English. Despite the simple menu navigation, this could become a knockout criterion for one or the other.

Sound and Silence

The sound of the sea, the chirping of birds, crackling fire in the fireplace or soothing instrumental music: the app Calm takes you on a relaxing tour with a wide variety of sounds. Corresponding images of mountain lakes, sunrises or clouds and sky accentuate the sounds. Depending on your taste and needs, you can choose between dozen free meditation trips such as falling asleep, nature or relaxation without registering. There are also numerous meditations led by a female voice, but these are only available in English. After all, there are three basic versions for free, additional exercises and features are available for a fee. Calm was developed for iOS, Android and browsers.

Invitation to relax

The app Zenify on the other hand, it works without any sounds or spoken instructions. The simple techniques for meditation and mindfulness are sent to you in text form on your smartphone. Another difference to other apps: Zenify only works with notifications. "You have a new exercise," it says on the iOS device (the app is no longer available for Android), "Try to invest 1 to 3 minutes in each exercise." You are free to choose how often you want the child-like mascot to do meditation and mindfulness exercises. The app is very intuitive and records your personal progress in the menu item of the same name. The first level with seven exercises is free, the levels 2 to 10 with seven additional exercises each then cost.

Gong strikes for advanced users

If you've meditated before and don't need guidance, you can Zazen meditation timer use for inner contemplation. The meditations are only accompanied by the chimes of the gong, which also initiate their beginning and end. In the settings you can create new sessions and assign the duration, number of gongs, gong sounds and volume to them. The app is completely free, easy to use and requires no prior registration, but it seems more suitable for advanced users. Another limitation: Zazen Meditation Timer runs exclusively on iOS.

"Alexa, start Smart Relax!"

You can also leave acute and chronic stress behind with "TK Smart Relax" - a new skill from Amazon Alexa. All you have to do is ask Alexa to start the feature. The digital assistant will then ask you what you want: should it be a meditation, a mindfulness exercise, a progressive muscle relaxation or a cool down? You then decide how and for how long you would like to relax. Since your relaxation trainer responds to calls, you can even leave your smartphone behind in this case.