Why did Facebook buy Parse

Mobile SDK: Facebook buys Parse

Parse will be part of Facebook in the future, but will continue to offer its service unchanged. The company provides the necessary backend for various mobile apps, including the handling of push messages and the connection to social networks. Parse also provides cloud storage and the necessary servers for executing its own code together with native developer kits for numerous mobile platforms. Developers should concentrate on their apps and be able to integrate Parse's basic services very easily.

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Apps with few users can use Parse for free. For apps with more than 1 million requests and push messages per month and more than 20 accesses per second, Parse charges 199 euros per month, but then limits it to 15 million requests and 5 million push messages per month and 40 accesses per second.

According to the Wall Street Journal, Facebook is paying around $ 85 million for the company, which investors have poured around $ 7 million into. Facebook is said to have prevailed against Dropbox, which Parse has also made a takeover offer. And Google and Yahoo were also interested in a takeover of Parse, the report says.