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iQIYI (爱 奇 艺) 视频 - 电视剧 、 电影 、 综艺 、 动漫

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iqiyi iqiyi Multilingual Subtitles help you understand the video content better, the smooth playback experience is unparalleled, and the user interface is more concise. Exclusive popular real video, all in iqiyi iqiyi.
【多 语言 字幕】
独家 热门 内容 只 在 在 iqiyi? That's true! I want to see iqiyi's video and i don't understand? We have prepared multilingual subtitles for you! You can choose multilingual subtitles in full screen mode so you don't have to find more resources everywhere!
【【全新 内容】
热门 综艺: "青春 有 你 3" "潮流 合伙 人 2" "哈哈哈 哈哈 说" 非 日常 派 对 "奇葩 奇葩 说 7" "Summer Surf Store" "Summer Surf Store" "Summer 2"
Baby Big Drama: "goodness beauty" "small square" "Yu Zha is the first season" "婿" "The Times, your era" "PLUX, I like you" "Jinxin is like jade" "Ultimate Note" "Ping Dominated "" Great golden years "" Half is honey and half is hurt "" Ruyi Fang Yu "
Exclusive film: "red Fo Scholar" "The animal ability" "General Nuo", "Hualan"
Wonderful Anime: "Grab Huge 4th Season" "Curse Wars" "Navigation King" "Digital Baby" "" Sword God Domain "" Volleyball Teenager "Cells! Cuts" Dragon Ball Super "Wonderful content, more than that.
Lu Drama, Korean Drama, Chinese Variety, Korean Variety ... Massive Asian content for you!
【【简洁 界面】
不 知道 想 看 看? Where's the feature that you can't find? You no longer have to worry about previous concire interfaces!
【VIP 特权】
VIP 抢先 看 全球 热门 精彩 内容, 独享 蓝光 1080p 高清 视频! Cuts
【【更 多 功能】
搜索 更 的 多: 搜索 任何 您 想 的 电影, 电视剧, 的, 动画, 卡通 动漫 ... 您 的 内容 这里 全 都 都!
Watch History: Don't worry about missing your favorite episodes, watch the recordings, let the performances chase you anytime, anytime, anywhere and download: collect your favorite content, then collect again; Download the latest episodes; Save traffic, 离线 随时 随地 看 看
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更新 功能 , 只 为 给 你 最佳 播放 体验! 持续 推出 新 内容 , 精彩 内容 尽 在 iQIYI 爱 奇 艺