Who is Shawn Mendes's previous girlfriend

Shawn Mendes He dedicates his new tattoo to this girl - and it's not Camilla

Singer Shawn Mendes (21) is happy with his Camila Cabello (23). Now, an L.A.-based tattoo artist, Kane Navasard, posted a photo of the 21-year-old. The reason: Shawn Mendes had a new tattoo at Navasard. A woman's name now adorns his collarbone. But the name is not his girlfriend's. What's behind that?

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Who is this woman?

"Aaliyah Maria" can be read in gently curved black letters on the star's skin. But this name is no reason for Camila Cabello to get jealous. The tattoo artist calls the small work of art a "sweet dedication". And who is it?

Dedication for Shawn Mendes' sister

The solution to the riddle is completely harmless and actually pretty cute. Aaliyah Maria (16) is the singer's little sister - so he would like to wear her on his skin forever. And it's not his first tattoo, he has already put himself under the needle with his girlfriend Camila. At that time, Mendes had an "A" pricked behind his ear - also a tribute to his sister. Since that day, Camila, in turn, has been supposed to have the inscription "It's a mystery" on the inside of her little finger, right hand.

Camila Cabello's boyfriend loves tattoos

Shawn Mendes seems to be a real tattoo fan. Once he was even inspired by a fan to create a work of art on his skin. At that time, a fan had sent him a photo in which he had "missed" Mendes a tattoo. The singer liked it so much that he actually had the motif engraved.

Shawn Mendes wears a "fan tattoo"

Tattoo artist Livia Tsang immortalized the butterfly on the singer's upper arm. It remains to be seen what his next tattoo inspiration will be.