What are the best science fiction podcasts

German podcasts about science fiction novels

More than four years ago, I started my science fiction and fantasy podcast World Whispering. At that time, the German-speaking science fiction podcast scene was relatively small and the boom in podcasts in recent years has only resulted in a few new additions. Therefore, in this post I will try a complete (?) List of all German science fiction podcasts that focus on the review and / or review of novels.

So if you are looking for reading tips in this area, or just want to be introduced to the depth and breadth of the genre, you have the opportunity here:

Writing sonar

Writing sonar by FC Stoffel is probably the oldest German genre podcast. Started in 2003 on local radio in Cologne, an episode from 2004 can already be found online! To this day, writing sonar unfortunately “only” has 62 episodes, which is due to some longer breaks in between. But at least 4 new episodes have appeared this year.

Font sonar was also the model for my own podcast in terms of format and presents four novels per episode - currently more up-to-date, but sometimes also older darlings from the backlist.

All books must be read

Has also been around for a long time All books must be read by Klaus Varias, who has had 155 episodes since the beginning of 2014. Respect, Klaus! In an episode it usually tackles two novels that have something in common. Usually a topic that both novels work on and then discusses in detail the advantages and disadvantages of the individual works,

Spoiler alert

The third podcast that was already available at the start of Weltenfläusen is Spoiler alert by Stefan Thesing and Daniel Franz. This is probably the podcast that is the most nerdy in the narrow sense of the word, because in the current episode (No. 45), for example, the two of them get four (!) hours through the book Leviathan Awakened to talk. So here there are not only reading tips, but the concentrated load of nerd discussion.

Sigma 2 foxtrot

Also Sigma 2 foxtrot I've been in my podcatcher for a while. In their 47 episodes so far, Mirko and Axel have discussed novels from a very wide, fantastic spectrum, but as a rule they tend to use somewhat older works.

Future Ltd.

Future Ltd. is relatively new. by Jochen Dreier and Max v. Malotki, who have had around 15 episodes since mid-2018. Thematically, the mix is ​​a bit more colorful here, so there is always something about series and films, but mostly the two of them just discuss a book.

Chapter one

Also only started last year, it brings Chapter one after all, already on 22 episodes in which Jochen Gebauer and Falko Löffler take on the subject of books. Usually a book is presented that both of them have read. Without an explicitly named focus on the fantastic genre, but the selection of books is quite clear. Since Jochen Gebauer also does something with podcasts professionally, Kapitel Eins seems very professionally produced, but here too nerds with a passion for the genre are involved.

World whispers

And then of course mine can too World whispers not missing, which has had 42 episodes since 2015. I always present three novels, mostly new publications from English-speaking countries.

Unfortunately, that was it with the German-language podcasts on the subject of science fiction novels. As you can see, this is still a very male dominated field. Are you out there, genre podcasters? Was I just too ignorant to find you so far?

At least the publishers Grit Richter & Ingrid Pointecker are daring a first serve. Let's see how the main focus of PhanLiTa developed. Then I'll be happy to update the list above.