How to delete things from iCloud

macOS Delete data from the iCloud - this is how it works


There is no cloud, there is only a stranger's computer - this is how real IT freaks talk about the cloud. And it's actually true: when you save data in the cloud, you save it on someone else's computer or data center. Apple promises not to mess with the data. And that's why he even gets into a clinch with the FBI, which regularly complains about how difficult it is for law enforcement agencies to access iCloud data. But government inquiries about iCloud user data are increasing. That is why a little hygiene is called for. Because Ddata that no longer belong in the cloud no longer have to bob around there.

Delete data from iCloud - here's how

Follow our step-by-step instructions or take a look at the quick start guide.Tip: Tagging many pictures at once can prove to be a rather tedious task when you're on the iPhone or iPad. But instead of highlighting each file individually, all you have to do is tap and hold the first file. Then, without lifting your finger, slide your finger over each of the files you want to delete. If you swipe directly up or down, all images in this line will be marked automatically!

quick start Guide

  1. Go to and sign in with your Apple ID.
  2. Now select an entry, e.g. B. "Photos" or "iCloud Drive" to delete data from it.
  3. Now mark folders, files or photos with one click and then go to the Trash can icon top right. Your Data deleted irrevocably.