What is a website backlink

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Definition of backlink

Backlinks are web addresses that link to a third-party website. For this purpose, a URL is inserted into the website using an HTML code. The linked page benefits from this Backlinks in the rankings of search engines such as Google, Yahoo or bing !.

The Number and quality of the links are of high relevance in the rankings of the websites. The code is divided into two important parts; once in the Url and once in the Anchor text. The anchor text is the text that is displayed to the user when viewing the website instead of the URL. The ranking is then calculated from these two and many other factors.

Where do I get backlinks from?

There are several reasons for one website to link. Probably one of the most important of these is that the website has a unique one Content disposes. Do you have an informative website on which a dealt with a certain topic on a regular basis and is discussed, so many other web designers will link to the website.

If the website is linked from well-known, well-placed websites, this is extremely important good indicator of search engine placement. In addition to this difficult variant, you can get backlinks by entering them in web catalogs. However, the quality of these backlinks is rather low and has almost no influence on the ranking.

Sharing the web address in forums, blogs, social media and many other websites can also bring in some backlinks. Other web designers often offer one too Link exchange at. When exchanging links, the URL of the other is simply inserted on the website.

Does my website have backlinks?

Since backlinks are an important part of the Page ranking this is a fair question. How many of these links exist and where they come from can be found out with a free tool.

Many SEO websites on the internet offer one Backlink checker with which exactly this information can be requested. Google also offers one Statistics tool with which you can easily determine the origin of the visitors. In addition to the Origin website become at Google Analytics a lot more information about the visitors is displayed.

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