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He became known through popular hits like "Marble, Stone and Iron Breaks" and "Honey Bee":Drafi German. Later he also strikes quieter notes with songs like “Herz an Herzfühl” (heart to heart feeling). Drafi Deutscher's lyrics are among the most successful of German hits. That's why you can find out everything about the lyrics of our favorite Drafi Deutscher songs here.

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Drafi Deutscher: "Shake Hands"

Drafi Deutscher had his first big hit with the song "Shake Hands". Shaking hands is to be understood here in the sense of saying goodbye. "Your heart loves someone else", sings Drafi, "That's why I'm releasing you". Drafi Deutscher's lyrics are often about love and heartbreak. In these Drafi-Deutscher lyrics, Deutscher sings about an unfaithful lover whom he wants to leave. The song was the artist's first number 1 song and was released in 1964.

"Shake hands, shake hands

your heart loves someone else

shake hands, shake hands

that's why I set you free

shake hands, shake hands

my heart has to move on "

Drafi Deutscher: "Marble, stone and iron breaks"

The most famous grammatical mistake in German Schlager is contained in the Drafi-Deutscher lyrics "Marmor, Stein und Eisen breaks", because it should actually read: "Breaking marble, stone and iron". The popularity of the Drafi-Deutscher song lyrics was not harmed by this lapse - the song became his greatest success. The song was published in 1965 and Deutscher was just 19 years old when it was released. When it was released, the song stayed at number 1 in the German charts for five weeks. Nevertheless, those responsible at the Bavarian radio were so bothered by the grammatical inaccuracy of the Drafi-Deutscher song lyrics that they banned “Marmor, Stein und Eisen breaks” from the program. Drafi Deutscher is not actually responsible for the mistake himself - his only contribution to the Drafi Deutscher lyrics is the line “Dam dam, dam dam”. The rest was composed by Rudolf-Günter Loose. In addition, such linguistic inaccuracies in German songs are not uncommon - just think of the line in "Hänschenklein": "Stick and hat looks good on him".

“Don't cry when the rain falls

Dam Dam, Dam Dam

There is one who stands by you

Dam Dam, Dam Dam

Marble, stone and iron breaks

but not our love

everything, everything passes

but we are true to ourselves "

Drafi Deutscher: "Honey Bee"

Drafi Deutscher's "Honey Bee" is a light-footed, funny number. The song was published in 1966 and these Drafi-Deutscher lyrics deal with the problem of finding someone who you forgot to ask for their name in times before Google and Facebook. Because unfortunately the character in the song always only called the beloved "Honey Bee":

"Haa Haa Honey Bee

that's what I called her

because I didn't know her name

Haa Haa Honey Bee

I miss her so much today

but find someone without a name that

is unfortunately difficult oh yeah

find someone without a name that

is unfortunately difficult "

Drafi Deutscher: "Heart to heart feeling"

After a phase of collaborations with other artists Drafi Deutscher released another solo record in the mid-eighties. “Mixed feelings” became Deutscher's most successful solo album. The record also features Drafi Deutscher's song “Heart to Heart Feeling”. The song is one of the artist's most successful releases. Drafi sings the lines with majestic synthesizer winds on a sedate, slow rhythm "I have that heart-to-heart feeling again since you loved me, every hour without you is too much for me". The feeling of having found a soul mate is the theme of the song.

However, the Drafi-Deutscher lyrics end with the line: "You don't give me a choice, I won't die again from this stupid heart-to-heart feeling". Was the "heart-to-heart feeling" too much in the end? The album title “Mixed Feelings” confirms the suspicion that “Heart to Heart Feeling” is probably a rather ambivalent declaration of love. Overall, the late Drafi-Deutscher song lyrics seem a little more serious than songs like "Honey Bee" and "Marmor, Stein und Eisen breaks".

“I have that heart-to-heart feeling again

Ever since you loved me

Every hour is too much for me without you

You encourage me

the army of dreams dresses civilly

You light a fire

that I can't delete

you give me this heart-to-heart feeling "

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