What is my grandmother's sister to me

What is the granddaughter of my grandmother's sister?

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What is a rocking cousin?

This is another cousin of your cousin, but who is not your cousin at the same time. Example: Your father's brother has a son who is your cousin. Your uncle's wife is your aunt. She also has a brother who has a son and that's yours Schwippcousin!!

What is a kiss cousin?

Examples: A second cousin is the daughter of one of the parent's cousins. For such a family relationship, the terms "Großcousin (e)" and "Kleincousin (e)" as well as "Kiss cousin“In use. The common ancestors are the great-grandparents.

Are stepchildren first degree relatives?

Child descended from only one of the spouses in relation to the other spouse. Stepparents and S. are in first degree related to each other. You have the right to refuse to testify.

When do you become a grandma?

Majority will be between 50 and 60 granny or grandpa

The majority (45.6 percent) are between the ages of 50 and 60 when their first grandchild is born, but it is not uncommon for their own children to have children again between 40 and 50 (36.0 percent).

What is a grandson

1) (male) child of your own son or daughter. 2) male person who is directly descended from another person.

What is grandfather

1) father of father or mother. 2) colloquial: old man. Origin of the term: ... One word for »grandfather«(And probably also» grandmother «) did not exist in the basic language, since here the head of the family was generally the» father «.

What is a sister-in-law?

Schwippschwager or Sister-in-law (in some parts of Austria called brother-in-law and sister-in-law) are therefore not blood relatives who are members of a spouse or partner.

What is a schwage?

Those who are related to one person are called brother in law or sister-in-law (plural: brothers-in-law, sisters-in-law) and are generally referred to as relatives by marriage. What sisterhood means and includes in detail is defined differently in legal and general linguistic usage.