Which company produces Emotorcycles

As a manufacturer of electric motorcycles, Zero Motorcycles represents the next development step in the motorcycle industry. The company combines the best features of traditional motorcycles with today's most advanced technology to create high-performance electric motorcycles that set new standards in weight, efficiency and design. Zero's special Z-ForceTM technology of the electric drive is precisely matched to the construction and design of the zero bikes. For example, every type of motorcycle has a specially designed, ultra-light aluminum frame to reduce weight.

The story of Zero began with a fascinating idea in a garage in Santa Cruz, California that over the years grew into an internationally renowned motorcycle company. The result is innovative motorcycles that are available to our customers today. Since the production of the first prototypes in 2006, Zero has invited riders to test its bikes. Because when riding a motorcycle, every experience is more valuable than an explanation.

Zero Motorcycles creates an outstanding driving experience with the implementation of its slightly different model series of electrically powered motorcycles. Our employees are driven by innovation and passion, are characterized by flawlessness and are measured by results.

With a persistent focus on quality, we rely on advanced vehicles with exceptional performance that make driving fun for our customers and partners around the world.