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Between skepticism and hope: votes to close the clubs

Status: 03.11.2020 11:35 a.m.

The culture is shut down again. This also hits the clubs hard - because some of them have been in place for months, some of them have very limited operations. Susanne Birkner summarizes some of the reactions.

by Susanne Birkner

"We have done everything. Now we are making this special sacrifice again and closing. Nobody can judge at the moment whether this is right or wrong. But it doesn't feel right," explains Rainer Lemmer. He is the managing director of Helga's city palace in Rostock and the chairman of the regional association for clubs and live venues in Mecklenburg-Western Pomerania. It was established in April in response to the culture's first shutdown. Three clubs in Mecklenburg-Western Pomerania are already closed. This renewed shutdown hits the scene hard.

Closing the clubs is "a disaster"

"Rationally, it means that we still don't open the door and more and more perspective is disappearing for each individual. Emotionally, of course, it is doubly bitter because we were prepared, we have rebuilt everything to meet the pandemic, we have met the requirements, we have booked that we can at least implement alternative concepts that can then take place sitting down apart from dancing. Bands, DJs, technicians, everything was booked for the next few months. Now we're back where we were before. Of course, that's a disaster for us, "said Lemmer.

Corona lockdown in high season financial disaster

Club Zenit in Schwerin also wanted to hold events again. Now operator Sebastian Glanz has to cancel everything.

Right now is the time the clubs would make money. Autumn and winter are high season. From March on, people will be celebrating outside again. Rainer Lemmer is critical of the fact that the clubs have not been allowed to open for months: "We will be permanently damaged if it is now said that they stay closed, they are to blame. The behavior of the public, which has already changed anyway, will continue to change. People are getting more skeptical. "

Hamburg: rescue package ensures survival

"We also see the danger that social life is now increasingly taking place in private rooms again," fears Thore Debor from Clubkombinat Hamburg. The Association of Hamburg Club Operators is very aware: "At the moment, despite the crisis, we are on the island of the blessed in Hamburg because we have a Senate that sees the eligibility of music clubs. Since April, the Senate has put up a club rescue umbrella in around 50 clubs fall, they are secured for now. "

Almost every day there were concerts in Hamburg again, that's over for now. The Béi Chéz Heinz in Hanover had not even planned concerts for November in view of the increasing numbers, says managing director Jürgen Grambeck. "We wanted to cautiously start in December with events with an indoor hygiene concept. So it doesn't hit us so brutally hard."

Skepticism about the payment of promised corona aid

The federal government has promised that, under certain conditions, companies will receive 70 to 75 percent of what they earned in November 2019 in the next four weeks. Unbureaucratic and prompt, that is the promise. That would be a blessing for the clubs that have been fighting for months, wouldn't it? "We have an average of between 30,000 and 60,000 euros a month. If we assume 40,000, we would get 30,000 euros. That is a lot of money, since we are currently getting around 4,000 euros a month," says Grambeck, but he still says cautious: "But I would put all of this under reserve, we don't yet know how these rules will be laid out." Thore Debor is also skeptical: "We have been promised a lot of money in this pandemic, but in the end it comes down to the details."

Basically, however, health is in the foreground for everyone, so there is no major criticism of the government's measures: "If it leads to success, then I think it's right - but that must be the basic condition," says Debor. However, the great uncertainty is gradually making club operators like Jürgen Grambeck weary: "If this lockdown does not lead to the hoped-for goal, what should happen then, I ask myself?"

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